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  1. IBeatSephiroth

    why is that?

    I think that KH1 seemed more difficult due to genuinely challenging bosses and gameplay, but also in part the camera and control scheme. Everything's just a lot easier to execute in the sequel. o_o And bosses are utter crap >_>
  2. IBeatSephiroth

    Oh Look, Sigs and Stuff

    Here's some of my stuff. First off; I DO NOT HAVE PHOTOSHOP or any other advanced program of that type. I use Microsoft Digital Image, 2006 edition. I am of moderate skill and am looking for some critique from the people of KHInsider. And so I dig through my Photobucket... None of the sigs may...
  3. IBeatSephiroth

    A Wide Variety of Art

    If I tried to post everything I have to show in this thread, it wouldn't fit. So, I'm just going to post my latest art. I draw, I write, I take photos, I made videos, I even made a full-size Keyblade! I'll just link to them, because all of my art is centred on DeviantART. Links: Click here to...
  4. IBeatSephiroth

    First Thing I've Posted Here... Opinions?

    I started a forum RPG on another site, and was compelled to write a prologue for one of my characters. I didn't think it was getting enough attention on DeviantART (lol) so I figured I'd post it here to see what people thought about it. It's only a quick 5 hour, 2,246 word piece, but it's...
  5. IBeatSephiroth


    I joined KHInsider in April 2006 and at some point became basically inactive on this site, after about a year. Three years later I've returned, but I don't know how active I'll be here. I forgot how active KHI was. xD So many members.. When I joined I had limited knowledge of the gaming world...
  6. IBeatSephiroth

    I'm alive again!

    Okay... to start thing's of: I used to come here until I got banned for 3 day's... now I am going to come here more often :thumbup:. I hope I meet lot's of new friends. And now I can make sigs! My sis has proberbly ambandond this place... so i'm proberbly gonna be here by myself!:thumbsup: .
  7. IBeatSephiroth

    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    Re: Australian Release Date I heard 1st September from EB Games (which I'm getting a new copy GTA: San Andreas there for $25)
  8. IBeatSephiroth

    Roxas says: "This guy's got a skirt on!"

    LOL this is funny: I can imagine Diz going "It's not a skirt Roxas, it's a dress." If you view this, don't steal the image & post in the thread. In case you're wondering, I put the words onto a normal screenshot.
  9. IBeatSephiroth

    Glitches/Strange stuff

    If you've ever experienced any glitches or strange stuff happening in any game, on any platform, put them here. As for me-I've had a bunch of things happen: 1-On KH1, in Deep Jungle, Sora got hit by Tarzan. He fell over-landing on his but, looked around like he was dazed, shook his head and...
  10. IBeatSephiroth

    Sims 2;

    Well I was playing Sims 2 and came up with an idea. So take a look at what I done on The Sims 2: It's that scene where Cloud is putting Aerith in the water/river. What I done: Screenie from Advent Children:
  11. IBeatSephiroth


    LOL Mickey in a dress. I edited this screenie:
  12. IBeatSephiroth


    I need help in FFX with the battle against the machina in the 'Moonflow' river after you get on the 'Shoopuff'. It keeps killing me! So many game overs..
  13. IBeatSephiroth


    Just thought I'd tell you members something my sister suspected & I confirmed: We all know there are nobodies of Tidus & Wakka in Traverse Town & Agrabah, but remember that guy who takes over the Accesory shop after Cid leaves it? He has a nobody in Agrabah.:eek: He appears at the same time...
  14. IBeatSephiroth

    If there will be a KH3..

    Which FF characters do you think will be in it this time? (not including those already been in KH1 & KH2) I think there will be: -Vincent Valentine -Denzel -Kadaj & his gang -Barret Wallace -Rufus Shinra -Red XIII ^All AC characters for some reason.
  15. IBeatSephiroth

    My first

    I have made a new video on youtube. My Final Fantasy style sims + Sora & Kairi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCI8-G0x3I0
  16. IBeatSephiroth

    Doba eh Ym Prat!

    (Type in Al Bhed!) E zicd vaam mega bucdehk y drnayt eh huhcahca lusbmadmo dobat eh Ym Prat. Ica drec: http://www.pixelscapes.com/twoflower/albhed.html Dno dobehk eh YM Prat icehk dra dnyhcmydun ypuja! Ed'c vih vun sa!:D
  17. IBeatSephiroth


    How do I download videos to movie maker without needing special requirments? I want to make a video!
  18. IBeatSephiroth

    Zomg Nooo

    Roxas' voice is crap! And Sora sounds like he's 20 & and also sounds like god dang Spyro the dragon! o_O (Oh and I just watched a KH2 vid on Youtube) That's somthing i'm not gonna like about KH2.:( :eek:
  19. IBeatSephiroth

    What did You...

    I named mine 'You're a idiot' xD it looked like Sora called Riku an idiot :D
  20. IBeatSephiroth

    The Loch Ness monster: Phenomenon or cryptozoologys (and the worlds) biggest fake?

    The title says it all. Is Nessie, one of the worlds three most famous cryptids, a hoax, or is she a relic from ages past? The surgeons photo. He said it was made out of a toy submarine equipped with a head made out of plastic-rubber or whatever. I don't remember the conversation...