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  1. XIII Nobodies

    DO you think BBS is the best KH game yet?

    I personally find it to be the best one in the series. While it's true that each visit is short, you have to remember that it's one third of a visit, since it's each character giving their experiences in each world. The battle mechanics in the game are absolutely epic! Unfortunately, the Lock...
  2. XIII Nobodies

    Help/Support ► Is this even justifiable?

    Well, that's they're own problem. You know what you should do is go back to the original answers to get them off your back. Then once you're at school, just change them to what you feel they should be.
  3. XIII Nobodies

    Help/Support ► Is this even justifiable?

    You have free will. If they can't respect that, then to hell with them. And disrespectful to the teacher? Hello!! It's a TAKE HOME PRE-CAL test for crying out loud. Do they not understand what the PRE part means?
  4. XIII Nobodies

    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    I liked the story in KH1 a lot. Of course, when you look at it plainly, it does indeed seem blank. But looking at it from a wider prospective, especially after playing the other ones, I think I actually appreciated the story a little bit more. The only thing I didn't like about the story is how...
  5. XIII Nobodies

    Aqua's Keyblade.

    Pretty much what happened was when she was surrounded by Heartless, was she was about to give in to the darkness. But Terra's and Ven's keyblades saved her and she kept her light. So no, I don't think she lost her ability to wield Eraqus' keyblade.
  6. XIII Nobodies

    Siggys - Requesting criticism

    Well, since my drawing abilities suck, and I'm not willing to do much about, and since I have a lot more fun playing with Photoshop than I do trying to draw a perfect circle, I decided to start improving my digital imaging skills. I'm mainly trying to get into the practice of doing some forum...
  7. XIII Nobodies

    30 Rock

    Am I the only one who's ever even heard of this show? I've asked everybody at work, and they just look at me like the stupid son of a bitch that I am. Seriously though, anyone else watch this show?
  8. XIII Nobodies

    Kh2 Fm Help...

    Well, of course most abilities and keyblades are read in katakana, so figuring those out aren't too hard at all. Item synthesis, I believe, also have a lot of katakana. Pretty much, all you have to do is learn katakana, and you'll be able to figure all that stuff out. Unfortunately, I've only...
  9. XIII Nobodies

    Sentiments theory (spoilers)

    If so, I wonder how they would be used as an enemy? Seeing as they can be made up of any emotion, even positive ones. Even so, it would be better than having to fight a bunch of heartless and nobodies again.
  10. XIII Nobodies

    Japanese Birth by Sleep Review

    Good review. Now the question of all time: To buy Jap version, or to wait for NA release?
  11. XIII Nobodies

    Xigbar and Zexion?

    The way i see it, Xigbar probably wanted to see how Zexion would proceed from there. It probably peaked Zexion's interest in CO, which led him to be there. It could be that Xigbar thought Zexion was the best candidate to find the hidden room in order for MX to proceed with his plans.
  12. XIII Nobodies

    Please correct me if i'm wrong...

    Holding a keyblade and being able to summon one are two different things. Riku has had the ability to wield a keyblade since KH1, but did not acquire the ability to summon one until later in KH2. Part of it could be that his heart just wasn't strong enough to summon one until the near end of KH2.
  13. XIII Nobodies

    Help/Support ► Chasing away religious preachers

    If they come to your door, just yell "BED BUGS HAVE INSTITUTIONALIZED STAB RAPES!!!" See how things proceed from there.
  14. XIII Nobodies

    Birth by Sleep at 623K by 2nd Week

    Oh yeah! KH Epicness is still epic!
  15. XIII Nobodies

    bbs NA release

    It's still TBA. Most are estimating that it will come late spring to mid summer.
  16. XIII Nobodies

    NOOOOOO!!!! The Yaoi has already started mocking BBS

    Guess it's time for a new "get over it" then... Some people like Somebody/Nobody yaoi GET OVER IT!!! Lol. I always knew there was a little gayness in me somewhere. XD
  17. XIII Nobodies

    NOOOOOO!!!! The Yaoi has already started mocking BBS

    I don't care about the fact that yaoi is being drawn , but Vanitas and Ven? They're pretty much the same person, it's just..... ew (shutters).
  18. XIII Nobodies

    oh hi it's your pal shamdeo bringing you

    *sobs* I can only imagine such a feeling of holding the game in my hands.
  19. XIII Nobodies


    It could be that the reason he retired was because of Xehanort. Perhaps Yen Sid saw that Xehanort was a threat. With Yen Sid having great knowledge and wisdom, he could easily be targeted.
  20. XIII Nobodies

    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Re: Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa? Who's to say that Ienzo was innocent? He doesn't even talk, so who knows what he was thinking?