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    Peeling Carrots

    About half an hour ago, I was a hungry hungry fellow, so I grabbed a carrot, as it is a nutritiously delicious snack. Also, it's supposed to help your vision in low-light, and who doesn't want night vision? Now, I didn't want the skin on it, so naturally, I peeled it. But. But. Dammit, the...
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    Pride Lands In BBS?

    The only good thing about the Pride Lands was that Goofy was a turtle that went sliding around everywhere on his back. In hindsight, this is the coolest thing to have happened to KH and should be on all characters in every world.
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    Help/Support ► what the fuck

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    Machine Head

    CIRCLE PIT, SHOW US WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF YouTube - Machine Head - Aesthetics of Hate live @ Rock in Rio Lisbon ;D I saw them live in October last year with my best mate. It was good times and it didn't afraid of anything. ''The Blackening'' has been compared to the likes of Metallicas ''The...
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    Alestorm - Pirate Metal

    YouTube - alestorm Beautiful, isn't it?
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    Help/Support ► Hmmmmm >:C

    Threesy, my boy. But it'd probably be a good move to go for the girl you have more chance of seeing more often. If girl A is living really far away, and you choose her over girl B, when girl B is there for the taking, then you'd do just as well as to do go for neither. As much as you may have...
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    When You First Saw Your Battle Report...

    I summoned Peter Pan the most times, and I'm not gay.
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    Xion's somebody's name

    Demon or Pig... Tough call if she's religious. =\
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    The Challenged

    OOC: If you wish to powerplay Bailey, go ahead. I'm not touchy on that sort of thing. If you don't care as well, say so, so there's no confusion early on. Anyway, have fun! Weak sunlight shone through cracks in the blinds and danced in scattered lines across the floorboards. Bailey sat up and...
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    My Lunch A Few Weeks Ago

    I felt so bad when I ate it.
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    The Challenged: Sign Up Thread

    The story is about a class of students at a prestigious high school made specifically for kids with superpowers. Thing is, this class doesn't exactly have the cream of the superpower crop. The idea is to dive deeper into the lives of these 'powerfully disadvantaged' kids and see the fun of the...
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    The FishBox Returns!

    Indeed I do. Not that anyone truly gives a stuff, I just wanted my presence to be known ;]
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    Uhh hi, i'm new to the internet...help!

    *puts on dramatic voice* WELCOME.... TO THE FUTURE!!!
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    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    OMGLOLNOWAI Suspense..... So much suspense.... Hahahaha!! :thumbup:
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    **Destiny islands is part of their destiny**

    I think it's more of a place where they can be to just be themselves. They're not bound by rules there. They can do what they want, and it's kind of symbolic as a place to hang out. It's their area. But I'm not sure it will have an impact on their fate or the storyline as such.
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    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    Timmy is almost as awesome as I am! *ahem* let me correct that. Timmy is (as unbelievable as it may seem) more awesome than I. I hope to see some epic Timmy involvement in the next chapter. :3
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    x{The Guitarists Thread}x

    Right, I didn't see a thread like this already. Thus the reason I made it. ^^ Guitar is easily the most popular instrument today, and I know that I'm not the only guitarist on this forum. Come talk if you're just working out the difference between the Machine Heads and the Bridge, or come talk...
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    Fanfiction ► The Hidden Secrets of KH

    Hahaha! That has most certainly got me motivated. I haven't checked this thread in a while. Rightio. Tonight, I'm busy. So sometime soon, I'll update with Part 2. Well..... Only if it's wanted
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    Fanfiction ► The Nomura Chronicles

    I'm already doing a comedy fic. KHI would rather a fic about some anime, or a serious one about kingdom hearts. Which is unfortunate. ;-;
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    Fanfiction ► The Nomura Chronicles

    Of course. This sorta started when we came up with the idea of some of his ideas for KH he came up with whilst being drunk. xD For example, we'd make little stories like this: Nomura: Hey! *hic*... Ya know 358/2? Colleague: Yes... (God, not again) Nomura: Lets make it so it's just a stuffed...