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  1. nate_shuuya29

    The Darkness Rises (Title is only temporary) Chapter1.5

    Tarinalen Ikitanro, the son of the Archon, the ruler of Archonia. He is called a prodigy, said to be the next archon. Some people think he may be the next to master all 7 elements. But all of these are rumors, Tarinalen’s story follows a different track that no one who knew him would of...
  2. nate_shuuya29

    Kimiwate Island: Victoriam es Meus : Sign Ups and OoC

    Welcome to Kimiwate Island Hello new resident, as of today you are not entered into our databases, and we would like to inform you about our home, and then we will need you to fill out a quick form. Kimiwate Island is a man made island, floating around the sees. It was brought together by...
  3. nate_shuuya29

    Ultimate Tournament: The Fight (IC)

    Welcome To The Ultimate Tournament! We welcome the champions of many planets, we bring you hear to battle the strongest warriors around. We wrote every Number and withdrew them all after shaking them up. We have decided the first round and the opponents. Every fight will be staged on a different...
  4. nate_shuuya29

    Ultimate Tournament: Tournament of RPers(Sign Ups and ooc)

    Welcome to the Ultimate Tournament. Hello dear competitor from another universe. We have sent you this letter because you have gained prestige in your dimension as a fighter. Our Judges have decided that you are worthy to fight in this competition. This tournament is held every thousand years...
  5. nate_shuuya29

    Utopia's Threshold: Sign Ups (Original RP)

    (Sorry this isn't that in depth. I usually add more, but this is just a rough outline. If you have any questions just ask) Welcome to Varsalla, the name of the planet closest to earth that was inhabitable. It is the name given to the planet that Humans have colonized succesfully. The Colony is...
  6. nate_shuuya29


    for some reason i cant post in the RP thread. help? this is what i'm trying to post. Welcome to Varsalla, the name of the planet closest to earth that was inhabitable. It is the name given to the planet that Humans have colonized succesfully. The Colony is a perfect Utopia, run by a council...
  7. nate_shuuya29

    Shining Star, Blazing Time (IC)

    My post will take a while, so have fun. =] it's a sand box, so do whatever, but don't forget that you are part of a nation, albeit it is put into many parts, and you are about to be attacked by an alien race, who looks like you. =] have fun, mine will be posted soon. =]
  8. nate_shuuya29

    Shining Star, Blazing Time (Challenge To All RPers. Read)(Sign Ups and OoC)

    Ok, so when did this forum start sucking balls? Most of the RPs are lame, and have no imagination. There are only a few good RPers here. And i think you should prove it, by either joining this RP or joining Tavi's Battle Cry Desu. This is a challenge. And if you are an RPer of any worth, put...
  9. nate_shuuya29

    Stealing Thunder: Original RP (retry) Sign Ups

    (ok, so this is a retry, it did farely well last time, but then my computer broke, so i am redoing it. I hope we can get alot of people and have some fun. ^^ thanks everyone!) On a planet far far away, in a galaxy not to different from ours, in a dimension a lot like ours, but standing...
  10. nate_shuuya29

    Vanity of Darkness: Dragon War 2010 (Sign ups & OoC)

    The sound of hammers hitting the ground rang throughout the day. It was, of course, going to be like that always. At least until the dig was done. We were here searching for some dinosaurs, Harry Glotren, was walking over one of the areas that sonar had shown an anomaly. Harry was thinking of...
  11. nate_shuuya29

    Aurora Academy: The Throne of the Gods. (Sign Ups and OoC)

    Hey guys, i'm back from my extended absence and i finally decided to make another RP. This is based off of a story i wrote. I got the idea from the camp half blood series, but mine is entirely different. The only thing the same is the fact that it uses greek mythology mixed with our own...
  12. nate_shuuya29

    Ka Machi Tame Ka Tawa: The Trophaeum Tower (Sign Ups and OoC)

    http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs27/f/2008/178/7/a/Air_gear_AT_drawing_by_xxwingxx.jpg Air Trek The new fad of the world Air trek's, shortly defined, are roller blades, with motors in the wheels. The motors in the wheels are activated when pressure or weight is pushed onto the wheels. The motors...
  13. nate_shuuya29

    Air Gear RP

    Hey ive just recently really gotten into air gear and i would like to make an air gear RP,i don't have much of an idea on it, so i would like some help from others to create a collab. Air Gear RP. I think itd be really fun. if you dont know what air gear is look it up on Wiki. it's amazing!
  14. nate_shuuya29

    Fanfiction ► Silence Approaches Chapter one

    ohhhh yeah, haha, it was about 2 A.M. and i was spacing out, so i reverted back to second person. lol
  15. nate_shuuya29

    Fanfiction ► Silence Approaches Chapter one

    Chapter one The War for Throne “Hey, you stupid Mongrel, Get the hell away from my turkey. I’m gonna beat you.” There was a loud clanging noise. I groaned and stretched and yelled out, “What the hell is going on David? Why are you yelling at four in the morning?”...
  16. nate_shuuya29

    The Techno-Dragon War: Inheritance RP- (sign ups and OoC)

    Dragons, they are large lizard like creatures with wings. They are the creatures of legends. They breathe fire and have magic. They are huge, and are born from eggs. They are born only to the one who can best suit them and make them strong. This is an RP based off of the popular Inheritance...
  17. nate_shuuya29

    Eragon/ Inheritance RP

    Ok, i wanna do an Inheritance Rp, I want it to take place about two or three thousand years in the future, but instead of the Dragons coming back they die out slowly, and the world that this takes place in is pretty much exactly like ours, and a dragon egg is found in the mountains, and the...
  18. nate_shuuya29

    Stealing Thunder: Original Rp- IC (In Character)

    Haruka sat up from his bed. He was laying down on a soft bed in a strangely abandoned house. He could feel Ukiyomi next to him. It was usual that they were in an unfamiliar place. They usually fell asleep in one place one day, and another the next. We are constantly on the run from people. We...
  19. nate_shuuya29

    Stealing Thunder: Original Rp- Sign ups and OoC

    On a planet far far away, in a galaxy not to different from ours, in a dimension a lot like ours, but standing side by side to ours. On this planet Much like Earth a race of 'People' live there. They are not the only ones who live there. There are Elves, Dwarves, Griks and Lemurians. The...
  20. nate_shuuya29

    Trinity Academy/ Sound of The Blessed (Sign Ups and OoC)

    (The reposting) Welcome to Trinity Academy We have been the home to many of the most famous people in the world. We are on our own private island, and there is only one bridge off the island. We are not your average academy. We only accept the smartest, and specialest on earth. We have...