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  1. jade31891

    Creative Elegance and FringeFX Present: June Pack

    This pack has been removed. Creative Elegance will no longer be associated with KHI's resource section. We're sorry for the inconvienece. Please visit Creative Elegance via FringeFX.net or view our packs on any of CE's affiliates.
  2. jade31891

    Tag with KKS

    He asked me to collab and I was like "FFFF fine" so we did. Fun stuff....
  3. jade31891


    I swear I don't come here just to make dump topics.... D: Large Version: http://img847.imageshack.us/img847/74/reien.png EDIT: Here's an alternate version of the last one. Larger Version: http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/74/reien.png
  4. jade31891

    Photo Dump

    dunno if I've even posted any of these here or not... so sorry if you're about to see things again. For more photos you can view my devianatart: Jade31891 on deviantART OR For photos, tutorials, and exclusive unseen stuffz you can like my facebook page! Impression...
  5. jade31891

    Fragmented Memories Premiere PSD Pack

    [/url] Click the image to download! or click here This pack comes from http://fragmentedmemories.net/forums Please do not layer rip :)
  6. jade31891

    tags n' lps n' stuff

    Oh hai KHI... PSSST: These look better on Clown College skin. XD Intercept Trainer Deception Mytosis Just Smoke my Cigarette n Hush Infection You Were Born From Sleep Just... random things I suppose. CnC and stuffz.
  7. jade31891

    something recent

    Something recent... Critique away
  8. jade31891

    oh hey remember me?

    It's been what? eight months? :o You can... comment... if you want... you know... :( These are all from my first year of tagging. Each one of these is kind of a passing from one style to the next. There are four walls all together from my first to my most recent. I cut out a few because I'm...
  9. jade31891

    Square dump

    Yeaaah... I have a new found turn-on for squares. <333 Cnc? :O To find out how I took each photo and how I post edited each one view more at my DA http://jade31891.deviantart.com/ :)
  10. jade31891

    My Speshul Curves :O

    12 custom curve settings that'll spice up your images :) You can use these for tags, LPs, photography, whatevs. :) Click to download via Deviantart. I made these for photography but they're not excluded to that use! For more info on what each setting does view the description on the DA page it...
  11. jade31891

    First PSD Pack LRO

    Six fully labled PSDs for learning rights only. All sigs made by me. No ripping please :) Click to start download.
  12. jade31891

    Photoshop Script Pack

    These were mainly intended for photographers but I suppose anyone using photoshop can use them. :) But the fun doesn't stop there! Try combining other settings for different results! The photo used above is property of myself. Download via Megaupload
  13. jade31891

    Photo Post Processing Tut: Summer Warmth

    This can also be applied to gfx :) This tutorial is broken down into two simple segments and is really easy for photography post production :) Still can't get it right? Take a look at the PSD! Jade's note: So for some odd reason when I did post produced this, my computer was calibrated all...
  14. jade31891

    What I've Been Up To

    View more on my DA http://jade31891.deviantart.com :)
  15. jade31891

    more photos

    :| poop
  16. jade31891

    Jade Fractal Pack 01

    10 High Quality fractals. Click image to download via DA.
  17. jade31891

    They haven't gone out to play

    So here are some avatars that I've made over a long period of time that I've never shared with anyone till now... Not really sure why.... I guess I didn't want them to go playing with my other digital stuff :|
  18. jade31891

    First Photos

    In direct links because they're huge. Just what I've taken in the total of two days I've had my camera. Any advise, tips, critique (as I love and need these things) is welcome. :) http://img693.imageshack.us/img693/9536/pouringoutandfallinginp.png *...
  19. jade31891

    Light Textures

    Click image for download link. :) Downloads via DA 10 High Quality images all taken by yours truly. These are fa-reaking HUGE. Hope you enjoy! :D Please don't redistribute without my permission. :)
  20. jade31891


    Unsure about my colours... I make poopy colours. :| cnc? D: