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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    i know why the devil never came before me: "The closer we get to Satan, the more we are enticed by sin. The more we give in to sin, the more power Satan gains over us. He tightens his grip on his victims, not resting until he has destroyed their personalities and ruined everything that could...
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    Oh, Venom...I am so sorry about your father. I hope that I can help you someway. Thanks to life i am becoming a psychiatrist, so i can do everything i possibly can to help you if you ever need it ^^ -hugs Venom- I hope that you are doing alright. Cya around...
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    yes, thankyou everybody for helping me through rough times. I really appreciate it. I guess that depression can never be killed though...everybody feels it for one reason or another. I hope that i can still trust you all later with any other problems i may be encountering as we speak and in the...
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    Does anybody have an IMVU account? I need friends ^^ -HoneyFlavoredPocky (for IMVU)
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    lol, yes. this is from a long time ago. A few things i learned though: 1) Depression sometimes is no more than just a mental block 2) The devil is fake 3) You can always trust people to be there for you when you are down ^^ Maybe this can help you? -goes to sleep- huh wha-? Oh yeah...i'm...
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    I love Disney World

    I go there usually three times a year and ride every ride and now a lot of secrets. However, there are always more to learn. Got any secrets about Disney? My all time favorite rides are Tower of Terror, Rock N' Roller Coaster, and Expedition Everest. You? I LOVE DISNEY! who else???
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    lol ^^ thankyou for checking in. Actually, life is being a rollar coaster right now. Sometimes i'm really up, sometimes i'm diving into an endless pit. So yesh...i dunno...thankyou for checking in. i'm better than i was in the begginning of this thread ^^
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    would you read

    i want to write a book and i was wondering who would buy it if i got it published. Here's the summary on the back of the book: Toshi is a 17 year old boy who has spent his entire life not belonging anywhere as he is fostered from home to home. Just as he thinks that nobody will ever love him...
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    Favorite June Manga

    June is especially known for it's yaoi manga. So yaoi haters get out. But which is your favorite? My personal favorite is "Only the Ring Finger Knows" which is your favorite?
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    Ouran High School Host Club

    First there was Naruto then there was Yami no Matsuei then Death Note and now......OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB! it's comedy is just like that of Shiny Fruits Basket and it has hints of yaoi, yuri , and straight bt it's some of the funniest anime around today! has anybody else seen it?:thumbsup:
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    Fanfiction ► A saint that is not seen is not adored

    yaoi, kakairu, fluff He woke up to the smell of purity; white sweetness. He wondered if that was the snow still falling outside or the naked, perfect body that laid motionless next to him, sound asleep. Either way, it really didn’t matter to him. Kakashi stared at Iruka with no feeling...
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    i just saw the Final Fantasy III commerical

    for Nitendo DS... i know this should be somewhere else but it does relate back to Kingdom hearts but there was a pale girl with blonde hair just kinda looking off into the distance and looking all happy. Was that Namine???
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    yami no matseui / descendants of darkness

    didn't find a thread for descendants of darkness, so use this thread for spoilers, theories and comments...
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    hmmm yeah things have changed a lot since the begginning of this forum. it almost seems...normal. here's a im thing that i think actually kinda opens peoples eyes... Nehxaa666 (4:55:04 PM): mew, lol i just got really confused Nehxaa666 (4:55:09 PM): stupid fanfic Nehxaa666 (4:55:15 PM): that...
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    i've had a bad day full of depression and pain today. but what's different when compared to any other day? today i discovered what i really want. i want to disapear. i want to never have existed and i don't want to be rememebered because that only brings pain i discovered i am not an angel i am...
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    desperate housewives

    what's going to happen nexT????? what do you think
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    it's just complecated and everything. in psychology, one will learn that a defense mechanism is when tramatized, one wil lose their memories. this has happened to me twice, i have forgotten things, and today, a good majority of memories from one of my encounters just rushed back. it's too...
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    -.- no.... but is it anti- this thread??? wait...was that even directed at me??? wahh! Venom's gone...sulk
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    henksie, this is what has been told to all of us since fifth grade, but i believe you said it better than anybody ever could. thankyou for your comment. also, to like bring back earlier, b4 the convo was lyk killed..: but what if i don't want to fight the devil? what if i want what he has to...
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    but what if i don't want to fight the devil? what if i want what he has to offer. i just want everybody to be happy and i am willing to give up my soul and a thousand years of service to his part. i just want for everybody to be happy :'( and ck the fat, your words are hurtful and i think that...