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    Battle Report - Ending Credits

    howd you do this? isnt it impossible..? to get 100% jiminy journal you need to complete all the cups.. to unlock all the cups you wouldve needed to get your summon gauge maxed.. to get your summon gauge maxed youd need a lot more than 3 summons.. sooo. explanation? EDIT: god dammit.. it keeps...
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    A storyline question

    I have a question about a place in KHII..
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    is there a better drop rate

    I was just wondering if I could get my drop rate any higher. I am already getting A LOT of item drops, but I am just trying to get the maximum amount I can so I can finish up my synthesis lists quicker. (these take a LONGGGG ass time) Anyway, I have Lucky Luck equipped on every character, I am...
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    Axel Help

    woops misread
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    Correct me if i'm wronge, but...

    They are from 10-2, and they aren't supposed to look like children; they are supposed to look chibi-ish. Why they did this? I don't know... I guess they figured it worked out better or something?
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    Help me!

    yea.. use the stickies, it saves a lot of space on the forum.. and there are only 7 orichalum+s you 1/2 the materials needed when making it
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    Help with the titan cup

    the only possible way to win is to use Peter Pan.. i think at least... Use his Neverland ability, but dont just rapid fire X, push it every like.. 1 second.. you collect more orbs- every time you hit an enemy orbs come out, but if you rapidly hit X, it kills them off, which you dont want
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    Ask me for Help

    After you fight the first battle, you can just look in your journal to see everything you need to do... you need to complete everything that does not have the little mickey mouse mark next to it
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    Ask me for Help

    this thread should be deleted.. we have a full Member helping members forum to use, there should not be a thread that tries to cover all of this, especially when the person who said he'd answer everything isn't here
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    Phil's Training

    ok well i just found out a good trick... just got 996 points (soo agrivating.. only 4 away).. anyway, you have to hit the big one into the little ones.. like hit them all at the same time, it gives tons of points.. and once i missed one of the bigs ones, so i had 1 group of little ones and 2 big...
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    Phil's Training

    This is kind of rediculous because it's supposed to be easy, but how do you complete the Jiminy Objective for this minigame!? The most I can get is 500 points, but you need 1000 to complete it. What I have done so far is taken off all my combo plus abilities, and put on negative combo. Then I...
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    Poster Duty

    yup, thats the route, and exactly how i did it.. only he got 24 seconds, and i got 25 :/
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    read here

    sorry.. i would have, but i thought that it was ok to say his name since his name was already said in the first post
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    sticky's are cool!
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    nope.. in Roxas' twilight town, Roxas beat Setzer and became struggle champion... in the real twilight town, Seifer beat Setzer and became struggle champion.. so ordering goes Hayner, then Setzer, THEN Seifer
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    i think you find him past the place you fought 1k heartless , not sure tho
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    Boss Fights After You Get Final Form?

    reason you dont go anti form when you use final is because every time you use final you lost anti points... most of forms give you points, but final takes away either 1, 5, or 10 (cant remember)
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    read here

    48 is good enough.. i beat him at 48 i think
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    Poster Duty

    do you have the strategy guide? it is really hard to explain the route in words, but the strategy guide has the same route i take mapped out for you
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    beat hayner 10 times, to get setzer, beat setzer 10 times to get seifer