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    if u could meet anyone in kh who would it be?

    i wish i could meet sora and riku while there still friends so i could just hang out with them
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    Is thier a secrate movie for kh:com?

    nope, don't think so..... though i wish there was
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    Best way(s) to reach level 100 for all characters. (Expert and Easy)

    in my opinion, the best way to reach level 100 is to train in traverse town. I got up 40 level in one day by just going around in a pattern to all the rooms in 2 and 3 disrict to gain uber amounts of exp. believe me it works
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    best(dummest) pick up lines

    this is a great topic with my friends, almost as good as mama jokes post one of your own and feel free to rate one of the posted ones ill start: I forgot my library card, but can i still check you out! :P
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    what happened to tidus, wakka,n' selphie?

    well there in kh2 and didn't everyone say that the world would go back to normal along with the people? i guess.......
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    Which Character from ....will you want to see as a boss in KH2

    this may not be a boss but its a good idea you should be able to fight anyone, like pressing square in the ff games, fighting people like cid and leon (again) would be awesome
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    KH2 Release Date?! (Announcement)

    will the torment never end. forums about release dates should have their own forum section...... there SO annoying *twitch*
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    Dusk symbol

    cool, i noticed something like that but couldn't place were it looked familiar from, good job
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    Dusk, The Neo's of Heartless?

    ... nice. now thats some information. i like your theory, but kingdom hearts has never said anything about the body having a "soul", i think the heart encompasses all of that. but i don't really know........ so until someone says differently, i beleive your theory
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    oh thanks, i just got a little confuse when i saw another forum argueing about the name of them..... i never noticed that marluxias "mech"-thing was a dusk........ COOL
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    i've been scouring the images on this site and have found that the so called "nobody" heartless things are actually called "dusk" anyone want to elaborate on this for me?:P
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    fight zexion?

    .... i hate little kids. they sound so sincere just to piss you off later. oh well, i got a gameshark and there is no code for that. CoM, you don't fight him.... but i sure wish i could
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    How do you pronounce 'namine'?

    though.... it may be na-meen-ah..........maybe thats just what some of my freinds argue, i think it is probably just with the "A" sound at the end......... confusion XD
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    Just a hint clue about the KH crew!!!

    heh, it was a good thought....... but you just need some more backup info for your next theory :D
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    an ability from pooh

    doing that tigger's pot thing is so freak'n annoying........ anyone got some wisdom(of hitting stupid nuts) to pass on to me
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    4 beings

    you got a cool idea there, but there's got to be something more. maybe "dawn" is what the orginization is. in the game(somewhere) one to them say something about being neither light nor dark, and riku was dressed like one of them at the end. but then again riku might just be referring to the...
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    Possible Gameplay!

    would be cool, but then it would be like final fantasy X-2 and the story line will be like as short as hell(which i don't actually know how long that actually is........ >.<)
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    CoM max lvl answer

    last night i got to lvl 99 with 999,999(or whatever the highest amount is) and i never got to lvl 100. thats one prob. solved....... nice!
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    KH: COM World

    no, i think he mean what WORLD. like is castle oblivion on hollow bastion(just an example). because the rest of the world looks like the "unified" world the old lady speaks about in the memory with kairi. btw good question...... wish i knew
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    Riku's story

    if this is in riku mode then you can't change your cards so that you have lots of 0's and 9's, but the best thing you can do is just use a crap-load of dark auras