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    Thanks. ^.^ And I agree, Axel is the absolute best...next to Riku, of course.
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    Cute in a very dark, macabre sort of way. ^.^ But I know what you mean.
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    That leveling up must have taken awhile. I never bothered leveling Wisdom, and Master I only ever got to 3. And it was very weird...shocking, even.
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    Hmm, there's a factor I haven't heard before. Maybe that has something to do withit! And yeah, I know about the Anti Points, I have the strategy guide. And pretty much my points should have been at 0, so apparently unless ^that had something to do with it, there is not logical explanation for...
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    Actually, I completely disagree. ^.^ And if you consider Anti-Form the reasoning behind that, it really isn't all that powerful...especially when compared to Valor, Master, and Final. Plus there is the unfortunate factor that each hit on Sora takes away double the amount of HP than normal. Not...
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    ownership of kh1 fm

    I don't have it, and I doubt it is, or ever has been, as excitable for Americans as Kingdom Hearts II FM+. This is due to the fact that the English version of Kingdom Hearts already included the majority of extras that were in KH FM. A simple response.
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    The first time I did it, the first time I played Kingdom Hearts II, it shocked me. At first I just thought it was the return of Anti-Sora as an enemy to fight, but I quickly realized what it was. (I had the strategy guide, so I remembered seeing that in the drive form section.) Creepy, perhaps...
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    Well, I hadn't actually gained Final Form yet, I had just gained the ability to learn it. (Completed the events at Memory's Skyscraper.) Perhaps that has something to do it? I kept driving into Valor and Master in the hopes of driving into Final instead...then I kept getting Anti.
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    Yeah, of course the amount of times you utilize Drive plays an important factor as well. I think I did it much more in my second time playing the game because I'm becoming a bit more advanced of a gamer (at least in Kingdom Hearts...haha). Just getting it all of those times in a row was...
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    A different plot for Kingdom Hearts II

    It's quite interesting, but I did enjoy the plot to Kingdom Hearts II very much. I like the part about the ritual and such. It would have a very dark mood to it. You could always write a fanfiction...? It could be a good basis for a plot. -shrugg-
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    I found it quite strange that last week I was re-playing Kingdom Hearts II and I had just gained the ability to learn Final Form, so I took a break from the actual story, and went to try to learn it and then level it up. However, every time that I drove for SIX TIMES IN A ROW I got Anti-Form. I...
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    How Many Can You Take!

    Maybe more like 5-10 thousand shadows and neoshadows...a complete sea of black. That'd be sooo coool. As for a song...I'd go with something by My Chemical Romance, definite killing music. Maybe "Dead!" on a loop. Hmm...
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    Why did Kingdom Hearts first catch your interest?

    Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering why the majority of KH fans started the playing the games in the first place. So, I'll begin. I am pretty much a Disney-obsessor. (I was named after a disney character, so it was destined to be.) I've always loved the movies, theme park, whatever...So once I...