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    American Idiot: The Motion Picture

    So uhh.... Green Day has announced that there will be an American Idiot movie. It will be following the story of the rock opera cd. Thoughts??
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    Who's hair is better?

    Roxas and Axel... P.s u should have made this a poll
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    memory-maybe link to kh3

    I noticed that too Coulda been used for other people Namine screwed with
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    betta ending (maybe some spoilers)

    KHII. Just cus Riku and Sora were together again.
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    Twilight stones!

    Umm sorry if there's already a thread on this...but i need to know where to get twilight stones. Thanks!
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    When he said the past....I sorta thought like way before sora's time....like they were the first keyblade wielders and they chose those keyblade's to wield and then Sora riku and mickey got the same ones.
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    wuts the deal deal about zexion

    I think his weapon is either a keyblade or has something to do with a keyblade. Just because he said it's a spoiler.
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    Is this a glitch?

    I thought that too but then i found the REAL chest in the world that never was. It's accually behind the corner of the building that the save point is next to, not right next to the save point.
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    hades paradox match 49

    Who do you face in match 49?
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    Test of Strength

    NO FLAMING!!! Ehh... Well this just popped into my head when i was watching one of the end videos. Well, Mickey said, "You all did great!" like it was some sorta school test or something (don't flame that comment). And then when they got the letter from mickey in the very end, I thought that...
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    Mysterious people?

    IN the White Room in the Mansion in Twilight Town (Whoa! I used "in" three times in that phrase!), there are many pics drawn by Namine. There is one, located across the room from the door and hung right next to the window. It shows Roxas and Axel standing together, with two unidentified people...
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    Spoiler box thread!

    You can post anything in this thread, but you have to post it in spoiler boxes!!! Starting:
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    Zexion's Weapon

    Kingdom Hearts...in the form of a blade....that's creative, but probably false. Keyblade could be true.
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    Metroid Prime Hunters

    Umm does anybody play this game? It's mainly for multiplayer with Wi-Fi. Umm if anybody does have this game and plays Wi-Fi will you give me your friend code so we can play? Yeah, thanx.
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    Riku? Xemnas?

    IN the beggining where the cloaked man is talking to Ansem the Wise in the computer room, Ansem asked his true name. The guy said it was Ansem. So im wondering if that was Riku in his Xehanort's heartless form.....or xemnas...please your thoughts.
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    wardrobe room in twilight town

    yeah definatly the forms
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    Even the paradox?
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    Frost Stone

    Please help (sorry for double posting)
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    Frost Stone

    Where can I get some of these? It's the last thing i need to get the orichalcum+! Please help!
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    Umm yeah see about that....Hades isn't in his chamber and ive beaten the xemnas the first timeso what do i do???