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    Possible NA Release Date for KH3D?

    Assuming that you are talking to me, its not good because I am planning on being at Disney World that week and I already have it pre ordered so I dont want Game Stop to cancel it if I dont get it in time.
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    Possible NA Release Date for KH3D?

    For me, July 1st is the worst possible day for it to come out so I hope its wrong by at least a week.
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    New Enemy, I Think ?

    now i just realized that the symbols almost look like the unversed symbols.
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    New Enemy, I Think ?

    did anybody else notice that there are 2 didderent kinds of the new symbols? 1 is more curved and the other is more sharp. File:Background from KH3D website.gif - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship
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    Is this real?

    I was looking for any new information on KH3D when I found this sight where they are talking about a new Nomura interview. They had a link to it but it didnt work. One of the comments said "To add to the tease, Nomura ended the interview by saying, "To all Kingdom Hearts fans, I thank you...
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    Birth by Sleep secret ending help -not a spoiler dont worry-

    im having the same problem. i beat all 3 stories on proud and i have not seen anything on a final episode.
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    bbs release date

    hi. i have not been here for a wile so im sorry if someone already said this. i just went to gamestop.com to see if it said anything on bbs. it said that it won't be available until 12/31/10. i would put up a link but i don't know how. i just thaut that you should know this if you don't already.
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    i need help.

    if nobody will make a kingdom hearts movie, i will do it my self.who wants to help me?
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    is terra sora's or riku's father?

    hi. i am new to the fourms, so don't get angy with me if this has already been said. my friend and i are arguing if terra is sora's or riku's father. she thinks he is sora's father because of their hair color. i think he is riku's because of the darkness in their hearts, they were talking in...