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    New Version Of Sora/Roxas

    dont know how you did it, but you made them roxas pants even snazzier!! lol super job besides the slouchy look of his head on his shoulders
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    I just realized about roxas

    hahahahaha!!! interesting interpretation
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    ya mean like a "nominee"? never would have read it like that, had you not pointed it out
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    ? for people whov'e played KH2

    thats how it worked in the first game, right?
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    Fav Feature of Kh-2

    the mother truckin orginization, DUH! lol cant go wrong with badasses in cloaks
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    i think its NAH-MEEN
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    Create a Love Triangle!

    ok, i got the idea of this from readin some other threads, and thought it could be really funny. you can take it seriously, such as the Sora, Riku, Kairi deal, or you can go crazy like my example: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goofy,Minnie,Shadow #83...
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    ?????? you mean Axel???????
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    Whole Seph battle Vid + After the battle scene in HQ

    no more "sin harvest"? that takes alot of the thrill out of it... wait...is that the thing he was doin at the end? it may just look diffrent from the first game i guess
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    its "BHK's" real name
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    not that bad an idea, but i think its been confirmed that there is no other female member of the org other than larxene(sp?). and i think most people think that was BHK...i mean, roxas
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    So Behind On Things

    are we supposed to post our own reviews now? or were you just sayin yours?
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    Scan of Manga

    Barnes and Noble has it, i saw it online
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    Scan of Manga

    did you read the post? Xaldin said its Marluxia
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    KH2 Should Also be on the Gamecube.

    why should it be locked? its a good debate
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    A KH2 Theory!

    the game is suppose to be longer, so that wouldnt be too bad, but since its been released, and theres no word of this, i think itll have to wait for kh3
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    KH2 Should Also be on the Gamecube.

    fine w/e, i have no beef with you. you can think what you want, and i cant think what i want. discussion over back to the thread please
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    KH2 Should Also be on the Gamecube.

    i wouldnt say tons were added to kh1. i like my game cube, but in comparison to the ps2, its a bit lacking. you cant really disagree with that
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    KH2 Should Also be on the Gamecube.

    we didnt say that, we just said that the GC was less sophisticated as the ps2 sure it plays alot of the same games as the ps2, but not the high quality ones and like Resident Evil 4 when it came out on ps2 they ADDED stuff to it, that the GC didnt have
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    KH2 Should Also be on the Gamecube.

    CC wasnt a mockery, just...boring but it would be a little tought to put the almost ps3 game quality on a GC