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    Pirates of the Caribbean?

    Yea I was a little shocked about PotC being part of KH2 but I don't think its really a bad thing. I mean c'mon. Someone is going to get drunk! (GO SORA!!!!) LMAO :D I wonder if they'll get Johnny Depp to do his voice....U gotta admit he was a kick-ass Jack Sparrow.
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    Voice Actors Suggestions?

    Hell ya! I like ur list! Totally agree with a lot of them. Niiice. ^_~
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    Voice Actors Suggestions?

    Um....I don't know if u know who Jason Isaacs is but his voice is not macho....^_~ Just wanted to clear that up. He has a cynical kinda British accent (when he wants to) voice that I think would be pretty interesting. Leon just seemed kinda stiff. I mean I guess Squall is like that but he tended...
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    Voice Actors Suggestions?

    LMAO Vin Diesel...that would be kinda weird but I could see it lolz And Arnold Schwarzenegger?! Awesome I could SO see that! But I think I'll stick with David Gallagher ^_~ Anyway! I really think they did really good with the voicing for Aeris. Cloud was eh....Leon was crappy. -_- And Sephiroth...
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    Funny Faces Picture

    Hey! Does anyone know where I can get a picture of the gang in Jump Festa trailer when they are making those weird faces? I want to make a layout and for some reason I can't access the gallery on KingdomHearts2.net becuase it gives me a virus (a BAD one...*trojan*) I was going to post this in...
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    Fusion with donald Confirmed!!!!

    Ditto, my friend. Ditto. Very hott....Especially when he is twirling the keyblade behind him like in the picture......oh yes....lmao :p
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    Sora/Haley Joel Similarity

    Ah yes that is true. lolz ^_~ I don't like think Haley Joel is attractive at ALL. But Sora...Do I need to answer? LMAO. :D But anywayz, I was just making a comment. Whether it was intentional or not I think its kinda neat that he reminds me of him.
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    KH2 Voices on IMDB

    Riku's is voiced by David Gallagher. He is a major hottie. ^_~ lolz He works in 7th Heaven, although he hasn't come out in some of the later episodes. 7th heaven is on Mon-Fri at 6:00pm on ABC Family. New season episodes are on the WB Monday nights at 9:00pm. He works in Kart Racer (although he...
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    Sora/Haley Joel Similarity

    yea more specifically in this picture: It's just a bit but like they say in spanish: se dan un aire
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    Sora/Haley Joel Similarity

    Ok I know I brought this up very briefly in another topic way back when the original forums were still up. I didn't really think a lot about it until these new pictures came out. My jaw dropped. They look so awesome. But besides the obvious, has anyone else noticed that they are making Sora...
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    I figured somthing out!

    Uh....I hope you knew I was being sarcastic...I know no one knows the Release. I was just saying that we won't know until we've played it...^_^ Just wanna clear that up.
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    What do you think would happen if Sora died?

    AHH! *in the South Park Mel Gibson voice* YOU. CAN'T. KILL. SORA! *resumes to normal self* If he dies, screw the end of the world, what about Kairi!? ^_^ She's waiting for her knight in shining armor. And having the cheesy romantic plots that Square Enix loves, he is SO going to come back to...
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    I figured somthing out!

    Sounds like a good theory. The only thing I'm iffy about is Mickey being dark. I mean c'mon, he's MICKEY. He plays with little kids all day (not like Michael Jackson) and he is like Disney's mascot. I don't think Disney would want Mickey, our lovable little mouse friend, to be associated with...
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    The Unknowns are Ansem's court theory

    Re: A new theory (yay first one o mine on this site) I really like your theory! It makes a lot more sense and is a lot easier to understand than the crap some people talk about. I don't want to make another thread because I don't think its a very good theory, but did anyone else see the...