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  1. J

    Did the Mobile Games Worsen KH3

    I’ll say for me I knew the story of the mobile game at the point backcover came out. And I was excited to see more behind the scenes with the fore tellers. But I remember watching and thinking that this is asking a lot more questions then it’s answering. And then the master pulled out the box...
  2. J

    What's in the Box?

  3. J

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    This makes alot of sense and goes along with this other theory i saw somewhere that i really like. So the foretellers are named after the 7 deadly sins, and the one not accounted for is pride...which easily could be the Master. Going along with that idea. Lucifer in the bible had an issue...
  4. J

    Dark Road ► Dark Road: Chapter 3 - The Purpose of the Journey

    the seven deadly sins tie into the foretellers too. I’ve seen this theory that the master is like Lucifer in all this. He was in the light but got convinced he was better then it and tried to surpass it.
  5. J

    11/1 Union χ JP Update: Melody of Memory Campaign, Autumn Campaign, Monthly Updates

    Same here. I was too late though and burned 30000. Rage.
  6. J

    Somehow the Master of Masters has a connection to kairi

    I do love the theory I’ve seen that it is the master of masters and he gets Kairis and rikus help to get to shibuya...but it makes much more sense from what the trailer showed that is some form of Xehanort.
  7. J

    Somehow the Master of Masters has a connection to kairi

    If we are talking about stances too..master xehanort walked with his hands behind his back as well at times. But the master of masters walked with very good posture to where MX walked with more of a hunch. Based off of how the new black cloak looks..I would say it’s MX..especially since it’s the...
  8. J

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory logo found in Dark Road website

    I get the Demyx/MOM theory since they have similar personalities. The characters have different voice actors though. This obviously isn't a big Kingdom Hearts deal since body swapping is a thing...but think about it. We've been told Demyx has a connection to "the ancient Keyblade war". So...
  9. J

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Siblings

    One thing I’ll say for the major lack of story progress or a “short” update. Wreck it Ralph will keep going each month. And they are very close to the end of this story now. I would imagine part of the reason for holding off for two months is to line it up even closer. And once wreck it Ralph is...
  10. J

    Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts

    To me it seems like nomura is tired of dealing with Disney considering how long it takes to get stuff cleared. Shibuya and Verum Rex are more final fantasy type worlds I could see the ratio start to drift that way while still using characters like Donald, goofy, Mickey etc.
  11. J

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Confession / The Missing Ark

    This makes sense to me actually. Ven did talk to Ava , but darkness got a hold of her. Ava is Ava still but darkness took over. That could explain why Ava isn’t with the others when luxu calls them back. She wasn’t “light” anymore. I would be very surprised if she doesn’t show up again in the...
  12. J

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Confession / The Missing Ark

    Obviously it seems like darkness is the one manipulating everything. But I still think there could be more to Ava’s role. She clearly found out something probably from luxu that shook her. She was devastated/angry. It just seems odd to me that her only way of messing with the Master’s plan is to...
  13. J

    The Master of Master's True Identity *SPOILERS*

    If we go with all this: it could explain soras role as well. Sora could be JESUS willing to sacrifice himself for everyone. Sora is clearly connected to KH in some way. And Lucifer believed that he was or could be better then God. So if The MOM is Lucifer and wants to be better then KH it would...
  14. J

    What is up with the black box?

    Hey guys, I need some clarity about this dang box lol. I think the MOM put his heart In the box. It explains how he was able to to talk to YX in the graveyard among other things. Short thought: He's evil lol. He wants to get his hands on KH for some reason(based off of the secret ending), but...