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    Helmet sora

    if you could put any helmet or hat on sora WHAT WOULD LOOK THE COOLEST im thinking, a telephone hat
  2. K

    Create your own card.

    now thats being realistic
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    Sora vs Riku

    yeah i did just never got that part what part of the game is that in
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    Sora vs Riku

    how is riku the original keyblade master, that makes no sense
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    Sora vs Riku

  6. K

    Sora vs Riku

    sora he has a stronger heart and when you get down to it, thats all that really matters who has the most courage, and who will back down it doesnt matter who has the most muscles or bigger sword, its who has the drive and want to succeded why do you think you can beat sephiroth, i mean shoot...
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    Twilight Town best place to train? wtf??

    yup TWTNW is awesome the big ones drop 1000 exp and the little ones 400 just go final and do the form boost cheat and its easy street to 99
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    Evil Riku! Need Help to defeat this madman please!

    a fat bandit card would probably help
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    Roxas is Crazy!

    yeah he was kinda cool, still like sora better, and that scene was kickinwhen he tore up that computer
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    i havent gotten any summons yet
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    i just got this game and im happy cause it took forever to get, its sold out all over the place here seems a little difficult but im sure after i play it awhile ill get used to it any tips on the card combination system? i still dont understand what it means to put the three together
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    help switching out keyblades

    you have to go to items and pick one for valor form
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    Kairi Cutscene

    yah dude, thats seriously the most disgusting thing ive ever seen me and my friend are about to throw up
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    The music and your's

    wait which one is sanctuary and which one is passion
  15. K

    About Setzer

    what ring does he give you?
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    www.gamefaqs.com search kingdom hearts
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    Olympus Tournaments Help!

    you talking about paradox or normal
  18. K

    Weapon +

    yeah thats cool ill have to do it
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    Paradox Goddess of fate cup

    is anyone having as much trouble with this as i am cant beat the 10-20 with titan cup rules any tips?
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    Secret Scene In Monstro?

    never heard of a secret ending