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    New V Jump Scans!

    WOW....I am VERY impressed with the graphics for the DS, incredible work Square-Enix!!
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    Oh whatever Mr. or Ms. OVERDRAMATIC!! It is a great game, and just be glad we got it. Sheesh, you people are so UNGRATEFUL!
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    WOULD YOU ALL STOP YOUR DAMN WHINING!! Good freaking GOSH!! Just be glad we got the damn game, sheeeeesh!!!!!! They all sound FINE!
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    Lost Season 5 Official Promo!

    The official promo for season 5 is here....it looks freakin' EPIC!! It looks like when Ben turned the wheel to move the island that it sent the island back in time....note the drug runners plane falling again (Boone?), Juliet uncovering the Hatch again....? Many many new questions posed from...
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    Derek Stephan Prince is Vexen, Epcar & Chris Lee returning

    Yeah I agree, Epcar hardly tried at all to match Zane's Ansem.
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    My hardest was Demyx, gosh he kept owning me in the second battle before the 1000 heartless battle. And to hier222, there is a button at the top left on the page with all the threads on it that says "New thread", just click that and you are good to go. :)
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    Having Weired Thoughts Lately???

    I am with ya! In a few days I am signing off until it comes out in America, what would be the fun in knowing EVERYTHING about it before it comes out here!! It would make it less of a surprise, and no I am NOT gonna watch the intro movie once it leaks onto the internet, it would spoil the...
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    If you love Kingdom hearts......

    I voted! WOOOOOOO! It's on #36 now, it's getting up there!!!!!!
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    All the Confirmed... Everything

    I gotta question, in your list of confirmed world, it says that Castle Oblivion is a confirmed world, don't flame me if it is, I just haven't seen any screenshots of it yet. Oh and by the way, THUMBS-UP! That was awesome!:D
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    Lion King love?

    This world looks awesome! I cannot wait to play it! I can't hardly wait for this game....just to bad we have to wait till March to play it.....dang!:D
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    kh2 poster

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    Ursula Boss Battle

    ok, I am always open to new game mechanics and such. But when I read that the Ursula Boss Battle was a musical game! I about flipped! I would just like to know everyones opinion on this! Of course I have faith in Square-Enix to make this work, but, a musical GAME! :D
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    Kairi escapes from destiny island theory

    HAHAAHAHAHAHA! That's hilarious.........oh, your serious!? hehe, sorry! :D
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    Your thoughts on Jack Sparrow

    I sure hope they have Johnny Depp doing the voiceover in Kingdom Hearts II, that would be awesome!! I can't wait for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3! They will be COOL!! :D P.S. If you have not seen some of the latest screenshots, you would already know that Capt. Jack Sparrow with be in...
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    Well, There's this Girl.....

    Ok, there is this girl in one of my classes that I REALLY want to ask out, but I don't really know her that good. Should I just go up and ask her to go out, or should I give it time, I have the class all year? I need some good advice please!!!!!!!!!!! :D :confused:
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    Final Fantasy X Question

    I am about to fight Maestra Seymour, do any of you all have any tips for me, because I heard he is one of the toughest bosses in the game. Tips would be greatly appreciated! :D
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    Will namine be revieled to sora in KH2?

    Re: Will namie be revieled to sora in KH2? Question, why does everyone call her NAMIE! It's NAMINE! Well, anyway I don't really understand what you are talking about, mind making it a little clear? :)
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    Hurricane Katrina

    Was anybody on here in the path of Katrina? I live in Kentucky and we got some very strong gusts of wind, about a dozen trees down across the county, lots of rain, and even a thunderstorm or two! Some peoples power was even cut off! But we didn't suffer as bad as the peoples did down by the...
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    kh2 cgi sora

    I sure hope there will be CGI movies in KH2, it would even be cool if there was even more of them! Oh, and welcome to the forums, I am still kind of new too!
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    hardest Boss

    It may sound weird, but in CoM, I had the most trouble with Captain Hook (sora's story), and with all the talk on here about Riku IV being the hardest, I was alittle scared, but I didn't have any trouble with him, weird! In Riku's mode, I had the most trouble with the Final Ansem battle, it...