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    Theory on Sentiments.

    One of the newer additions into the Kingdom Hearts Universe would be the Lingering Sentiments. Now, as of now, there are only Two Sentiments that have been identified completly. Vanitas's Sentiment, and Lingering Sentiment (Terra's). There is also the possibility of Aqua's Armor/Keyblade in the...
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    Sora's necklace

    Hmm, it could be King Mickey sometime between BBS and One. Though, I doubt it. Though, with Nomura at the wheel, we'll get something like Sora and Riku actually being brothers, and Master Xehanort being the father of them both, and he gave it to Sora. And he implanted part of Kingdom Hearts in it.
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    8 Nobodies

    Nomura just screwed up when keeping with a good story (again).
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    A Sentiment = Mind/ Memory?

    Many times in real life, four words of a person are placed together. Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. Now, three of these four things have already been used. The Heartless are the heart, and the Nobodys are the Body and Soul. Which leaves the Mind left behind. And knowing Nomura, he doesn't leave...
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    Involving Xehanort's Memories, Ven, and Aqua's Armor

    I'd rather not see my theory die just yet, so bump
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    Involving Xehanort's Memories, Ven, and Aqua's Armor

    Thanks. And I went back and changed the theory a little bit, because you're right about MX
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    Involving Xehanort's Memories, Ven, and Aqua's Armor

    Thank You :) 25 Characters are awesome
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    They're not censored. They're simply edited because the ESRB can't take a grip.
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    Involving Xehanort's Memories, Ven, and Aqua's Armor

    So, according to what I've read, TerranortXehanort lost his memories after losing to Aqua in Radiant Garden, before Ansem discovered him. Which would mean that the memories of what happened during Birth by Sleep would have been forgotten. The Keyblade Battle, losing to the LS, along with Ven...
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    WAIT! That Makes No F***ing Sense!

    It's theorized that to become a Nobody, one must first lose their heart to to the darkness, which leads to the Heartless. Because they reside in the Realm of Darkness during Birth by Sleep, they cannot steal anybody's heart, thus leaving no vessels for a nobody to be created with. When Xehanort...
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    It's nothing real exciting. They were just the Four PoH that Maleifecent had, or nearly had at the time (Snow White is a toss up.) Don't forget, there was the other platform with Alice and Jasmine. Ven never met them.
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    More Evil Please!

    I like the level it's at for BBS. But.. I'd like to have somebody actually, oh i dont know, die? There have been maybe a handful of people that have died, and they will most likely get reincarnated or whatever Nomura has on his mind. -Malifecent = Brought Back - Organization XIII = Heartless...
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    Something I can't understand

    I understand that. What I don't get is, if Ven was killed after hitting the ground, then how could Master Xehanort have gotten the heart? It's not like losing it to a heartless.
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    Something I can't understand

    Ok, so when Vanitas and Ven were fused together (only way I could find to say it) again, then Vanitas gained the completed X-Blade, which means that Master Xehanort knew that was how he would be able to gain the blades power. However, when Master Xehanort froze Ven, did MX not drop Ven from...
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    The Apprentices lost their hearts between 1 - 2 years after BBS. After that, Maleficent came and took over. And if he would be 16 - 18, he wouldn't be the youngest member. Sora was 14 when he lost his heart, so if the ages remain the same, then Roxas would only be between 14 - 15.
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    I never said he used the darkness to age himself. What I meant was that could he have used the darkness to make himself look older. He would still be at whatever age he was when he lost his heart. If the bandages served just that reason, to use the CoD without harm, he would have just used a...
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    Is it possible that the darkness can be used as a way to change a person's looks? Look at Ansem the Wise. When he returned to the Realm of Light as DiZ, he was different then what he became in The World that Never Was. He has facial hair when he removes the bandages, which spurts a bit of dark...
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    Xigbar and Zexion?

    Nope. Even says that Ienzo's parents were, I believe killed, and Ansem adopted him
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    Is Vanitas's Keyblade real?

    The title asks it all. Would Vanitas's keyblade be consisted a true Keyblade, or a fake one? Vanitas has no light inside his heart, as he is the entirety of darkness from Ven. So, would a Keyblade from the Realm of Light work for him, as all the Keyblades, besides Mickey's Reverse Kingdom Key...
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    A Hypothesis: (Possible explanations for Ven, Roxas, and even the purposes of BBS and Days)

    I like this theory. Very well done. And the though of Roxas = Kairi's nobody is quite different.