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    Final Form!! help me plz

    I gotten my final form when I change to master form while fighthing with Xigbar.Mabye u can get final form by just keep on using master form untill u achive it and only change to master form in The World that never was.I think that's the key to activating it.:confused::confused:
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    question about kh2 controls

    Just go to the options screen and move the 1st to the right i think..and leave the 2nd wan alone.Now u exit the screen u will be able to move the menu with your R3 button but u can't move ur camera.So i just found how to move it,it's by holding the L2 button and move your right analog stick(R3...
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    R2 button, wtf?

    IF u set your rotating camera button(right analog stick) to move your menu like Kh1.Then u can't rotate.. right?.But if you hold the L2 button and move the right anlog stick u can rotate the camera
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    the battle with the load of heartless

    This is a minor spoiler(well i think so...)When u reach to that load of heartless u will be 1 on 1 with 1000 heartless(when i mean 1 on1 that means sora vs 1000 heartless).Mabye donald and goofy were fighthing the other parts.Yes u will be fighthing along with the FF chacracthers leon...
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    For those that have the game...(not a spoiler)

    I agree,there are various of gummi ships to choose from(go to complete some of the stages to get them).This time the system is fast-packed action not like the dull system in kh:p
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    more than sora

    Yeah,it will be like Arc The Lad:Twilight Of Spirits type of story,where u play two main characthers and at the end together team up to fight the final boss
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    do u think riku will become a keyblade master

    Yeah same here,i didn't see riku carrying a keyblade in CoM,he was carrying the Sword ,Soul Eater
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    keyblades of KH2

    Yeah that will be cool,but don't keep your hope high cause this hasn't been confirm yet(or I miss 1 of noumra interview:p ).One more thing use the edit button don't double post =_='''
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    do u think riku will become a keyblade master

    i believe riku is already a keyblade master but like darksora said he dosen't have a keyblade right now cause there is still darkness(or ansem) within him .Like u all know the keyblade choses the master who has the purest of all hearts
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    note: this may be stupid....

    If his parents cuts or mess up his hair i will cut their hand off :mad: ,his hair is cool .THe big floppy clown shoes problem ...i got to agree with that:D
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    keyblades of KH2

    Well..yeah a rumor is a rumor:(
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    keyblades of KH2

    I do not know wether this is true or not, i heard u only can carry the kingdom key in normal form but when u change to valor form u can change the kingdom key to 1 of the keyblade for example divine rose and oathkeeper,metal chocobo and oathkeeper.THere is another rumor that u customize your own...
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    Dual Keyblades???

    The blue form comes from when you fuse with donald Not really sure what the blue form does
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    Dual Keyblades???

    Brave form and valor form is the same.It's just brave form is in japanese and valor form is in english and, brave form/valor form is the dual keyblade. The name for the blue form it's not confirmed yet
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    What Made You Buy Kingdom Hearts!?

    hm...i got to say it was the cover of kingdom hearts that attarcts me to buy this game.I saw goofy and donald on the cover and other disney characthers on it so i gave it a shot..At first i tought it was gono be childlish(no offence though).In the end i enjoyed the game alot.
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    Main Menu level selection in kh2

    This is wat i think,That was just a demo of kh2 ,you can select levels to test it 2nd:The Land Of Dragons is also another name for Mulan's World
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    What's Your favorite Keyblade

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    Leon Returning? And what's Selphie's connection...

    Is Leon/Squall gono play a big role in Kh2??
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    Kh2 For Ps3?????

    IF they do release Kh2 for the ps3(it's like freaking impossible),Square Enix got to change everything about Kh2 so it would be playable on the PS3 and if that really happens my head is gono explode
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    pirates of the carrabean?

    nice screen shots of jack sparrow