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    Format War is over.

    With Toshiba ending the production of its HD DVDs the format war has ended. Sony is enjoying its victory and now it makes things like the PS3 look better since it is the only system to come pre-equipped with Bluray player. My info come from this site Toshiba to end HD DVD, format war? ...
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    New Macbook Air

    I would like to know what you guys think of Apple's new laptop Macbook Air. I personally think it is amazing being the thinnest in the world (thickest end thinner then 2nd thinnest laptop) and still being fast, full of memory, full screen, full keyboard, and still a good battery (more then...
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    Classic Cars (1985 and older)

    What do you think of classic cars? What is your favorite, and do you know how to drive a manual transmission car (most classics and muscle cars come Standard)? Personally I love classic cars and I like them much more then today's and my favorite is the car I am getting for my first car, a 1975...
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    New iMac

    Have you seen the new iMac.. It is great it looks sleek and sexy, it is powerful, and still has no bulky and ugly box like the PC. Now with the ability to play all PC programs with no viruses, hacking, or problems while still being cheaper than most PCs. Now it is obvious Mac is winning the...
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    Fumimation TV on Bluray

    According to Funimation they are to be bringing their Anime on the Bluray. They are to start with DBZ movies and then are to move on to the anime series like FMA and DBZ. This all to be official annonced in the San Diego Comic Con.
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    E3 2008 location

    According to a little Birdie told me E3 has come to Atlanta before and now in 2008 it is coming again due to the World's Largest Aquarium and the new Coke Cola museum being in Atlanta. This would also allow E3 to become just and big if not bigger than before and be open to the public. What do...
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    Halo Movie = Bluray

    According to 20th Century Fox, maker of the Halo Movie, Halo is to be a Bluray exclusive. ( This mean Halo on the PS3) proof is here Rumor: Halo Movie to be PS3/Blu-ray Exclusive? | PlayStation Universe (PSU)
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    A new tail

    I was just wondering what if you, as a human could have a tail. What would you chose fox, dog, cat, tiger, wolf ex. What kind of benefits would come of this and is it really possible be it a furry real tail or a mechanical one. As for me it would come down to a fox or tiger tail. It would help...
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    Summer Vacation 2007

    It is nearly here Summer. So what are you doing how close is it and what grade/ class will you be in next. As for me i am going to Washington, Lousiana, Canada, adn Florida. Next year I will be a Softmore and I am soo pumped lets go SUMMER!
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    Final Exams

    Yes it is time to think about it. Time is nearly up for school (class) which means exams are a comin. As for me I have three weeks of class left before exams. Then 4 days of exams fallowed by Summer. ( see my summer vacation 2007 thread to tell about that here...
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    Brave Story

    Has anyone seen the movie Brave Story out of Japan. It will come to the US later and I will say it is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. To see a trailer look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGh3Z8qJlDI or you can see two good AMV on the movie here...
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    Can not stop laughing ( slight yaoi warning)

    This is a very funny Naruto video I found (not mine) it is very very funny but there is a slight yaoi reference so you are warned there anyway here is the very funny video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtFnsqphooU please tell me what you think
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    Have you ever?

    Have you ever mooned someone or been mooned. I have been on both ends of the stick I find it funny both happened during one day of PE class.
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    Favorite Donut

    My favorite Donuts are the Beignets at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans Lousuina. They are fried dough and covered in powdered suger, and that is the only food item they serve and no one complains. They also have really good Hot Chocolate. The big thing is no one comes out without wearing and piece...
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    Blu Ray winning so much so...

    Sony's Blu Ray is now winning the DVD gen-war by a 2-1 margin. This is so effective now all major movie producers are making movies for Blu Ray ( some exclusivly or also on regular DVD). This margin is also so huge that Microsoft has made possible plans to add a Blu Ray player to the 360 and...
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    I have forgotten is it 1,000 posts to become a primuim member and what happens at other post count leavals.
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    Alcohol sales on Sunday

    In my state there is no alcohol sales on Suday, What about where you live and what do you think. Here they are trying to change it. I want it to stay I love the law and in Georgia we are religious and that means no drinking on Sunday ( the Holy day).
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    Mushroom Kingdom Hearts for Wii

    Yes. there is a KH for Wii , no not KH3 but, Mushroom KH. At lest so says EGM. No need to worry KH3 will come to the PS3 in do time.
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    Mushroom Kingdom Hearts for Wii

    Wii is haveing a Kingdom Hearts, no NOT KH3 but, Mushroom Kingdom Hearts. At lest that is what EGM says. Not to worry though KH3 will come to PS3 in do time.
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    Spring Break

    Well my Spring Break has started and I was just wondering when others are haveing theirs and what they are doing. As for me I am staying home and realxing. I did make a Scuba trip over the weekend though. I love Spring Break. GO TIRGERS!