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    If anyone can help...

    Is there a way to order a ds lite from japan to the u.s.? cause i've heard of people importing games and such but i dont know too much about that stuff (obviously). also if anyone does, is there a trusted site that i can order from? thanks in advance :)
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    What the heck?

    eh this happened to me, cept with two parts of the game, i made a thread about it but yeah--it ended up being a deffected disc, thankfully i did get a warranty (sp?) and just exchanged it for another--but yeah
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    loading problem

    yeah--well when i picked it up from a local ebgames, they told me if i did anything to it, i could just go back and exchange it "for three dollars more" lol yeah--thanks for the help guys, i'll go tomorrow and get a new one
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    loading problem

    ah--really? hmm--thanks for the info--i was thinking about exchanging it for another copy--i guess i should
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    loading problem

    Hey everyone--just wondering if anyone knows whats going on here: in the agrabah and halloween town worlds--after i beat the boss(es) (first visit) it shows me what i get, and after i press x the screen goes black and nothing happens. i think its my ps2 but im not sure, can this kind of...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    so i got it this morning at an ebgames--when i got there, they told me they didnt have it yet, and like five seconds later a UPS guy showed up, i waited about 20 minutes for the guy that worked there, to count em all, and yeah--i only got to play a little cause i had to go to work, but yeah...
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    i need it

    < pops outta no where > yeah tsk you're great--i was just thinking too "i need this song for my mp3 player" ...lol yeah thanks again
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    All work and no play

    oh man--i gotta work too--i go in at 12, and get out at 830--though im planning on going to ebgames as soon as they open, so i can have at least an hour to play the game, :D XD, ah well. im thinkin about askin someone to cover the night part of my shift...hmm
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    Have You Preordered or Prebooked?

    i paid for it last month at an ebgames--yeah
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    Locking Monstro

    ah i see--thank you all very much
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    Locking Monstro

    really? um alrighty then--thanks cause i wanna see that secret movie. thanks again
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    Locking Monstro

    Is there a way to do that....or does it not lock, cause on the screen to choose which world you want to go to, it just has a slash. if anyone knows, it'd be very greatfully appreciated :D