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    Connection between Xehanort + Keyblade War

    MX nor Eraqus participated in the Keyblade War.
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    how long did it take for u to beat kingdom hearts 2

    8 days 18 hours 32 minutes
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    I can't be the only one who's noticed this.....(major spoilers!!!!)

    yeah i found all the org members' nobodies on wikipedia a couple of days ago under Organization XIII
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    guess what

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    Advanced Souleater

    u r welcome
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    Advanced Souleater

    this is sort of a spoiler so read at your own risk
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    Fav Feature of Kh-2

    drive forms rock
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    resevering kh2

    hello friend me too! i dont about the 16th part
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    Drive Form

    wisdom and final all the way yeah
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    kingdom hearts 2 japenese special

    it would really piss me off if there was a kh2:final mix
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    -=The Organization Hit List=- **Spoilers**

    DiZ is killed by a machine that blew up when he tried to keep kingdom hearts from xemnas
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    A crazy theory "spoliers"

    the other six are on wikipedia
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    80+ Hours???

    yeah it took me 20 hrs to complete kh1 and i got every single thing
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    What is a ...

    good point Aros123 what does happen to the nobody. is it possible they become whole again
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    Sora vs. King Mickey

    IMO i think sora wouldnt stand a chance
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    Who would win a battle Sora verus Roxas

    i think it would a tie seeing as they both almost one in the same
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    beat it

    i envy u grrrr