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    kairi in kh1... [spoilers]

    Re: kairi in kh1... thanks for answering, i didnt know that the body had to go to the dark realm for it to be a nobody. well i guess this can be closed now.
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    kairi in kh1... [spoilers]

    Idk if this goes here but whatever, i have a question: in kh1 kairi lost her heart and was just a lifeless body...so isnt that like a nobody? was she a nobody in kh1? i know it probably doesn't matter but it was bothering me so please answer.
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    Updated event section in 358/2 days site

    nice find heartless panda. im geussing the scene with namine is the one where she says "surley she cant endure it if another memory is connected" or something along those lines...
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    Quinton Flynn's Voice Acting

    i dont own re: CoM but i have seen videos on youtueb and i agree, his voice wasn't that great in CoM. also to those who say his voice was like that because of roxas i dont believe. imo your voice does'nt just change cause you met someone new .
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    More Customization

    now picture lexaus with the bigorons sword. that's badass 8D
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    More Customization

    i hope that there is a new keyblade that shows the significance of axel and roxas's connection. and what about xion? you think they will make one for her? or is nomurs as lazy as you say he is and just make the kk represent her ? -_-
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    More Customization

    what about axel keyblade? you think they will re-use the bond of flame (or whatever it was called) or will they make a new one especially for roxas? also zexy will be reading harry potter not edgar allen poe.
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    Days release is weeks away and we're still lacking lots of stuff which means...

    i would also rather wait for a great game than play a wack one in february. my fear is that the game will take a long time to come out and then it wont be as great as everyone is hyping it up to be.
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    What do you think of

    its better than kh1's but not quite as good as kh2's
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    Poor Namine.

    i really wishe brittany snow could still be namine. i always hate it when actors get replaced, it takes away the original feeling. man this is like when they replaced the mom from the fresh prince!
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread i for one am definitely getting this game. i cant wait to play another kh game after all this time!
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    Birth by sleep trailer

    didnt some of the new information confirm it was riku as xehanorts heartless in 358/2 days.
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    ice titan

    today i finally found my old kh1 game so i started replaying it, then i realized i never beat the ice titan and for like an hour i kept leveling up and challenging it again and again (cuz i kept losing) and now i finally beat it---or at least i thought! the damn thing has its life down to like 1...
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    thoughts on R/R in 358/2 days...

    yes i have finished kh:com and i know the extras in kh2fm+ but i just never thought that riku could use the darkness in his heart to change forms wenever he wanted i thought he got the ability to do that. well thanks for clearing that up for me!
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    thoughts on R/R in 358/2 days...

    wait how did riku take up xehanorts form? i never knew.
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    thoughts on R/R in 358/2 days...

    i think that there will be one because we know that riku fights the 14th and then sees her face but why would they show that if the game is about roxas and his time with the orginization? also there is a scan that shows mickey in the forest seeing a man in an orginization coat and taking out...
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    kh2 on ps3?

    thanks for your help now i just gotta save up the money to buy the ps3. so far ive saved up 135$. man i don think ill ever get the money! thanks again!
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    kh2 on ps3?

    i was thinking of selling my ps2 and getting a ps3 and i want to know if kh2 will work on the ps3 80gb model. can anybody help me please?
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    Larxene´s english voice

    i always imagined larxene with a high pitched and arrogant type voice, to make her more annoying.
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    Brith By Sleep Actual Footage

    like every one said its pretty old! nice try though, and welcome to the forums!