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    KH2K: FM+ and Re:COM in English?

    Hey all, I'm back again, but I have a question? I have heard recently that KH2:FM+ and Re:Com will both be in English? Is this correct? If this is a repeat topic you can close this, after I get an answer.
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    Original Voices and such

    I hope that is not what it means. I enjoy hearing the story played out in English. I heard some of Japenese portions, it does NOT sound the actual Disney characters at all as we know them. It sounded much worse for us, it was fine for the Japenese. If it is Japenese with English subtitles...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    I apologize if these questions seem repetitive( I didn't feel like reading 49 pages), but: Will KH2: FM be released in U.S.? If it is, will it be called KH2: FM because when the KH: FM came out I could find no game called that? Finally, when will it be released in the U.S., if it is going to...
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    Has anyone heard this?

    I just checked out this site called KH3.net and it says that there will not be a KH3 for a LONG time but there will be another KH game in the near future here's the link: http://www.kingdomhearts3.net/ Just scroll down and you should see it. And this site...
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    KH2 Soundtrack?

    I know there is a KH2 soundtrack but has it been released into the U.S. yet?
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    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I do not know how Kingdom Hearts 2 ends, but I hope there is a 3. There were a few repeated worlds that I wish were new worlds instead of the KH ones. But I am curious to know what worlds you guys would be interested in having in KH3 if it continues whether by sequel or by new plots...