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    Credits music Downloadable + Review on it

    after hearing it, i can c y it is. very cool song, arguably the best (as well as longest) of shimomura's works... cool review also! ^_^ i still think hollow bastions kh2 theme is cool, but this one is another favorite of mine now.
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    Better translations

    i dont think axels helping sora, or ever helped sora in kh com. maybe aided sora because soras plans coincided with his own, but that seems to be it. i think axels saying it to manipulate someone (coffcoffkairicoffcoff) just my 2 cents worth
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    What member of the order will be the hardest or your favorite?

    i think luxords gonna b the weirdest fight. seriously. cards? i can just imagine like shuriken style throws, elemental damage. fight most looked forward to, any of them really. i cant wait lol
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    KH2 Rating

    well to me, i think the tying disney stories into the theme of lightness and darkness in hearts was ingenious. but i dun think the heartless or nobodies or organization members are scary enough to merit a T. if anything itd b the "violence" that might merit the T. probably not though
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    girl axel takes?

    idk if u guys noticed... but it seems like the girl axel takes isnt kairi, but oret (bhk's friend)... cuz shes wearing an orange dress, but kairis shown wearing a pink dress... im probably behind arent i? :o http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v293/Eliefinis/untitled.jpg to show that the two are...
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    Kingdom Hearts II World Order

    ah good point good point. i was trying to remember what worlds matched what xP such nice names, "byte bashing", etc etc lol
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    CD verification

    Ok. by now, almost everybody has found out that there's the new CD link on KHU. if not, there's a link to CD info Does anyone know if this is a fake or if this has been confirmed? cuz 1) it contains spoilers (coff bhks name) 2) it has passion orchestral!!! (im an orchestra player, i care more...
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    KHII's end revealed

    speaking of passion, does anyone think theyre gonna make an orchestral version of passion like they did for simple and clean?
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    silver haired unknown's rank (NOT spoilers)

    well.. u know he's confirmed since he was in the pv... but as of yet, i dont think he has a rank. and the only 2 left r 1 and 13... any theories or guesses?
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    The Beginning of KH2

    well... u do c sora, donald and goofy with BHK's friends in front of wherever that is. and u c them at yensid's place. so maybe in those couple shots, donald and goofy are with sora, just not seen by the camera angle?
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    who u think is the person in this pic

    whoa wheres the aerith pic from? nice find
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    Orchestral Passion?

    o man, being an orchestra player, i cant wait for the orchestral version of passion. lol. um for simple and clean, im sure that the ost cd of kh has the orchestral version. other than that im not too sure.
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    New Rumor on BHK's real name, his friends, and about Yuripa

    i know wat u mean. its so close to being released, and all theyre letting out is rumors. i highly doubt that any game magazine can be trusted in the next few weeks till the game actually comes out, unless its like a SE official mag, which i dun think exists.
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    bhk's real name

    jokes r on the rise since kh2 is coming out soon... yea. i think the reason y we believe this rather than the fact that its false is cuz we sorta hope that those rumors turn out true.
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    The Heart, Body, and Soul

    hahaha i made the same mistake of making a thread based off the bs info. so dont feel bad, cuz i fell for it also. i always thought khinsider to be a trustworthy source. maybe its just that their sources are becoming jokesters as the release date of kh2 comes closer. but if that info was true...
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    Riku's allegiance?

    k. well. http://www.khinsider.com/news2/headlines/135739891.shtml thats where its confirmed that riku can fuse with sora. unless the person is fabricating all this. ok. so thats wat theyre speculating.
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    Riku's allegiance?

    Ok. so we can see from khinsider's info that sora will be able to drive with riku. that would mean he's good at some point or another. but what do u guys think about the rest of the time? will sora fight riku and then riku becomes good? or is riku gonna b good the entire time?
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    Donald and Goofy so useless

    well, i never gave them items to waste in the first place =P but i agree that they were useful later on but i think, if donald and goofy are needed to do the drive forms, theyll be more important. u cant fuse with KO'ed allies i dont think
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    Vexen and Marluxia revival

    yea. nomura definitely seems to be the sarcastic type.
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    last scene of trailer

    um.. idk if anything has been said about this in threads, but wats up with sora walking into some green/black thing at the end of the trailer? it sorta reminds me of how riku got away from worlds in kh, like the warp or w/e. so since that warps attributed to heartless, what does that mean of sora?