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    Fanfiction ► Hearts of Halla

    That is really especially when u changed the bike from Pendragon to a car and that u made Bobby Sora and uncle press Xemnas ecellent
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    That video was preety cool...i liked it
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    Need Help!!!

    you have to get a certain # of points in the regular cups i believe or in the other Paradox cups
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    Seemed to hit a mental block....

    sry man i wish i could help id try Video Game Cheats - Video Game Reviews - Video Game Codes - Video Game Web Site - GameFAQs i use it all the time so it cshould help it helps me with what im looking for
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    Jesse McCartney & Kingdom Hearts 2 / Roxas

    Im going to agree with Kairi3.0 im not a Jesse fan either (shows that im not gay) but he did do good with voice acting as Roxas
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    Sora a MURDERER?

    Sora isnt a murderer the user who posted that is very dumb
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    KH2 FM+ Secret Ending Download Question

    yeah that secret ending that Zanarkan Lover posted is very good
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion so is 358/2 days gonna be like the DS version of BBS???? if it is ill buy still buy it
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    i cant wait for it...since i just heard about it like 2 minutes ago...lol but yeah im really glad that i have a PSP sooooo i can get it