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    Was kh com worth it

    Totaly worth it. Even more worth it considering my PS2's broken.
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    What's your favorate story by him. Mine's either Music of Erich Zann of The Call of Cthulhu.
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    Call of Cthulhu

    Did anyone play Dark Corners of the Earth? That game is figin' awsome.
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    The Ten Key Bearers (Long term RP)

    This RP is based on my idea for a fan-fic, that there are always ten key bearers, no more, no less. When one dies (which will happen to charecters), the keyblade goes to the best person in the next five planets in any direction. This RP is there story. Rules: 1: No god-moding, powerplaying, or...
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    stuff that sucks in kh : chain of memories

    To skip a cut secne, hold start. I hate how hard it is to get a spicific attack card you want. Makes it hrd to beat with only kingdom keys.
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    Rumored Worlds You Want

    I'd like to see... a Monsters Inc. world. That or a world based on Lilo and Stich or The Emporers New Groove.
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    CoM Accomplishments 2.00136

    Crosster, stay on topic, but no, the DS can't link 2 GBA games. I'm beating COM a second time, here's my deck Time one: Status: Beaten 9 Lionheart 9 One Winged Angel 9 One Winged Angel 8 Lionheart 8 Daimond Dust 8 Oathkeeper 8 Divine Rose 7 Divine Rose 7 Divine Rose 7 Oblivion 6 One Winged...
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    Kingdom Wars (A KH Star Wars RP)

    Well, it's just like the title says. Whats happened so far is the two realms have merged, and Sora's helping the rebelion, while Luke helps him lock the keyholes, which are on both the KH worlds, and the Star Wars worlds. Rules: 1: NO godmoding, power playing, or killing other charecters w/o...
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    Chain of Memories Trvia!

    Tanquil Darkness Teeming Darkness Feeble Darkness Almighty Darkness Sleeping Darkness Looming Darkness Premium Room White Room Black Room What cards do you get form the "Secret Rooms" and what world cards do you get them on?
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    Well, that was faster than I thought.

    Yeah, umm, like the title says, I got control of me life faster than I thought I would, and so... I'm back sooner than I thought it would take to be back. So, I'm back now, not in December.^_^
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    Orange Crush (My goodbye thread).

    Well, I'm leaving. The forums are just getting problematic. For me, anyways. They're taking over my life. I'm leaving for my own safety. I'll check up every once and a while, to see how you're all doing. So, goodbye. *Starts to cry* I'll miss you all so much.
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    Morrowind fan thread

    This is the Morrowind fan thread! Just post your favorite stuff, questions, thoughts of stuff, and all that what not!
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    My birthday's the 15th! YAY ME! I'm goona turn 16! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thread of the Year: BHK's NAME IS NOT REVEALED.

    Re: BHK's NAME IS REVEALED. Beats the f***ing f*** with the f***ing truck in the f***ing pic. F***.
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    Thread of the Year: BHK's NAME IS NOT REVEALED.

    Re: BHK's NAME IS REVEALED. If you don't get proof, I will beat you to a bloody pulp. With a flip-flop.
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    Stop The Maddness!!!!!

    If you hate LTX's clapping lady, post here, saying how you'd like to kill her.
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    Keyblade school

    You have been selected as a keyblade master, but due to one of the masters in the past, all keyblade masters must atend a special school on an artificial planet. This RP is your first year there. Rules: Basic, you should know what that means. No chrecters from video games, books, movies, etc...
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    I'm finally a premium member! Yay! Gimmie a hug!
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    Basic storyline: There are evil forces in the world, and only the five elemental knights can stop them. They have to visit the ten temples to colect the four artifacts of the elements. This will flesh out more, just so you all know. Rules: Litericy, no one liners. No god-moding No powerplaying...
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    The fear game.

    Basicly, you put one of your fears, and the next person rates it. Mine's syringes.