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    racing Riku

    kool. thanks
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    racing Riku

    You beat him? 1 question: HOW?
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    Cool person made Kingdom Hearts vidoes

    they aren't that good, but someone must have put a fair bit of effort into making those
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    Amazing and Strange Deep Dive Trailer!?

    It's a kool vid, no?:D But I have to agree with knightflare, except that I doubt the glowing heartless symbol meant protection. I personally think it came from an... external source. The DWU and the BFU were almost definately allies, if not neccessarily friends.
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    heartless sora?

    I agree with sorakairi. they were wondering why he changed back to being human again
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    what exactly is......

    Hell yeah! That strange freak-of-nature combination of man and woman should never been brought to KH. SE should sell the character to the makers of resident evil or silent hill or... or something! *continues twitching*
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    what exactly is......

    He could be neither, but it looks about 49% like a woman, 51% like a man. *starts twitching at the thought of vexen*
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    My new discovery!

    Yah, i thought it looked like one of them, but I didn't notice the 'scarf' thingie
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    do you think Sephiroth was hard?

    he was difficult until i noticed his attack pattern
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    Battle Of The Games

    kh2 and ps3
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    What happens when you touch a Moogle's PomPom?

    what did the poor moogle ever do to you? lol! i doubt it! I'll try it with my japanese teacher next time. eg. ohayou gozaimasu hamondo kupo.
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    Is this true ?

    yah. its true. it was confirmed ages ago, butv your knew, so hey.
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    ur meaning of twilight

    its talking about neither darkness or light. not good or evil. somewhere in between.
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    What happens when you touch a Moogle's PomPom?

    The moogle will tarnsform into madeen and kill you. Anyone played ff9? thats what REALLY happened.
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    theory on kh

    hm... could be... but I don't think so...
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    Only 4!!

    What about Sora's mum?
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    Where did Pluto go?

    maybe mickey called pluto or picked him up in his own gummi ship, then dropped him off in another world... or maybe not
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    Name A Coolest Moment In KH1

    i liked when : - Sora stabbed himself with the dark keyblade - kairi was going to protect sora-the-heartlessfrom the other heartless - riku says to sora (when the Kingdom Hearts doors are closing) "take care of her"
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    Back to the point, I hope so
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    2player in KH2?

    It'd be cool, but i doubt it, plus it'd mean even longer for it to come out