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    someone who beat the underdrome titan tornament with 5000+ score come here!!!

    The Peter Pan summon is the Key to getting high scores. Use his limit attack and start attacking enemies. They'll drop A LOT of coins even though they arent defeated yet.
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    Question for those who beat the game...

    I used all the AP Boosts i found on Sora and i didnt have to buy any extra ones. Everything worked out fine. The only abilities i dont have equipped on Sora is Auto Form/Summon, Negative Combo, Beserk thing (Not sure what it's called), Jackpot and thats about it. I have like 170'ish AP and it...
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    two keyblades at one without drive

    No idea but 99 is the limit. Went from 80 to 99 in like 10 minutes but equiping experience boost and Gullwing keyblade and defeating enemies at REALLY LOW and critical HP. A LOT OF EXP FROM THAT.
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    two keyblades at one without drive

    By level 80 you'd prolly already beaten all the bosses already so that throws your lie out the window even more.
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    two keyblades at one without drive

    Lies, for one, you can't get to level 100 since 99 is the max so that throws your whole lie out the window. And i'm AT level 99 and i have yet to get this ability.
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    Forms and Keyblades

    Main: Oathkeeper (For a Third Form Boost Ability on all Drives) Valor: Sleeping Lion (since this is the only cool looking keyblade meant for physical) Master: Fatal Crest (since it looks REALLY cool twirling) Final: Oblivion (since Oathkeeper and Oblivion are the best looking) My Sora is...
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    Kh2 Is Officially a Good Game!

    Ok seriously, i am getting real pissed about the stupid reviews. No one cares about one stupid guy's opinion on the game. So stop letting it bother you. Reviews are opinions from the reviewer not yours. Myself for example, people love Halo 2, but I don't, and that IGN guys is one of the people...
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    Games are all about fun. As long as you enjoyed playing it who cares how hard it was.
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    If you like it you like it. If you like it even though magic and stuff wasn't a big part of the game it still means its good. Remember reviews are strictly the reviewers opinion and not factual. I hate people who's opinion changes after reading reviews. I loved this game, i didnt care about...
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    Unlucky me =[

    Lost in the mail maybe? Mail person may have taken it for themselves since its such a good game.
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    Omg This Is Too Hard!!!

    The fact that you have Wisdom Form as ur sig kinda kills the point you were trying to make :P
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    aerial explosion?

    Nope too bad though, i think there used to be one in the REALLY old trailers because i remember seeing it. They probably thought it would make the game too easy.
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    Funniest thing happened to me!

    The battle report at the end of the game said I only used Mickey 2 times in the game. One was the 2nd Form of that Heartless at Beast's Castle First Visit, and of course....one for Xaldin.
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    Omg This Is Too Hard!!!

    You didn't have much of an epic battle there did ya buddy? 50 rounds
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    Let me sum this up. You're by yourself, No drive forms, No summon. MP works like it does NORMALLY. That's right the use cure/trinity limit once and a 30 second recharge.
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    Eh, Jesse made Roxas' emotions very convincing so sure, i felt bad for him. I especially felt bad for him when Namine said he was never meant to exist but then i realized i was just hungry from playing KH2 for so long.
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    Funniest thing happened to me!

    Man, if you think about it. If all Org members fought you at the SAME time, their goal would actually work....even with Mickey and Riku by your side.
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    This isn't a challenge it's pure flat out rape. Sure it's easy Round 1-40 but after that it's just plain impossible. You can't imagine how pissed i am to not even be able to beat it....
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    Omg This Is Too Hard!!!

    Uh...You don't get to use Drives or anything starting from Round 40+, that's the problem. It's your standard self ALONE.
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    Just wondering, has anyone beat it yet because...well...it's...THE HARDEST FREAKING THING IN THE FREAKIN GAME OF FREAKIN KH2.