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    Riku Story

    Well I sorta have a theory about #8 with the keychain. I think that its because he uses darkness but for good purposes. Sort of like twilight. Also it kind of shows that he's twilight at the end of CoM but I won't spoil anything for you
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    Soldier Names

    Are the names "Ven", "Aqua", & "Terra" confirmed or just rumored?
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    How do you make a poll?

    The topic says it all so how do you?
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    Did anybody notice?

    In kingdom hearts CoM, Sora was really weak while Riku was strong. Even though Sora beat him in KH1. Then in KH2 riku is weak again and Sora is strong. It just seems kind of wierd
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ

    Same!! I really want to get it but I'm not willing to pay $150 to import it with swap magic and stuff. I think they wil release it here and announce it by Summer
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    I don't have final mix so I'm not sure...But I think you get a crown on Sora's head. No idea what it does though.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    That was VERY long but good for the most part. I wonder if they could be Sora and Kairi before something happened, creating the Sora and Kairi we know today...Maybe
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    Worlds for KH3

    These are not confirmed or rumored in any way. It's just what I think should be in it. Some are good some aren't just tell me what you think. This is also assuming Pixaar worlds are allowed for KH3 1. Destiny Islands 2. Hurcules 3. Disney Castle 4. Hallow Bastion/Radiant Garden 5. Aladin 3...
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    Are you THIS good??

    I know there are many of us here who think we are great at kingdom hearts. Many of us are...many of us just suck! A lot of people here have beaten kingdom hearts 2 with 100% of Jiminy's Journal. Well congrats. I've done that as well but has anyone beaten every gummi mission levels 1,2, and 3...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    I heard Aeris TALK!! She was a terrible voice actor!! That's all that annoyed me
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    Ansem the Wise: Does he have a nobody?

    Maybe this is a really stupid question but...Does anyone think that perhaps when Ansem the Wise was killed and The World that Never Was, he became a nobody somewhere?
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    Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories Petition

    I signed it but is this just for Re:CoM or for all of KH2FM+
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    Idea for new move in KH3

    I have a great idea for a new special attack in KH3. And here it is. Everyone knows, I hope, that the keychains attached to the keyblade give it its look and abilities. Well similar to the drive form, You should be able to temporarily attach two keychains on the keyblade. This would combine...
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    Limit Form Info

    I believe at levels 3, 5, and 7 you get a dodge roll ability