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    Random Orchalicum +...

    lvl the moogle to lvl 9 so all S type materials are cut by half. then u can use energy crystal to also decrease amount of materials you have to use
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    Picture of Anti-Sora in Timeless River?

    anti form in space paranoids looks tite
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    help with journal missions

    thank you
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    help with journal missions

    can i do it with glide lvl 1? or should i get lvl 2?
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    help with journal missions

    i dont think i have the glide ability yet. how do i get it?
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    help with journal missions

    i cant figure out how to do some of the journal missions, such as the poster thing in twilight town and i dont even know what sb street rave is. also, i beat the pain and panic tournament but i cant seem to find out how to get to the cerberus cup. help plz