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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? Hot damn, I can't wait for this!!! He looked pretty cute....mmmm.
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    Backshot Fenir

    Negative combo? That's what that keyblade has.....but I don't think that's what you're talking about.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Well the ending movie had stated that it all began with birth by sleep. Whoever this person is was created by going to sleep or somebody else going to sleep. Perhaps these are all totally different characters and KH3 talks about the people...
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    Quck Question..

    Trinity is a must and have Berserker Charge equipped (forgot what level you learn it though) Have nothing but elixir and retaliating slash eqipped too.
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    grim reaper!:(

    The boss may have 0 coins, but that doesn't mean all the coins are back in the chest.
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    Help needed on some helpful items

    Sweet Memories, Genji Sheild, Meteor Staff. Sora, Donald, And Goofy will learn Lucky Lucky and you should have a Lucky Ring somewhere.
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    Bulky Vendors

    Bulky Vendors will appear at Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Olympus, Aragbah, Halloween Town (Candy Cane Hill) and at the Hades Paradox Cup. They're super rare and yes, hit other things with the keyblade to make them appear again. They won't give Orichalcum+ because there are only 7 of those...
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    Torn pages.

    Okay, I need to know where the last pages are. I know they're in Aragbah somewhere but where exactly? I've checked everywhere and I can't find them!
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    You're not human.....well....I have three....but still.
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    N00000!! Demyx!!!

    Ohhhhh.....that's who's Demyx is!! The really cute dumb blonde.....okay. If it's the one where you're timed to beat the water clones, use the Reaction commands (wild dance) to beat them and then chop away. OR Level up a few times.
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    final form?!

    Well I was fighting.....hmm....the man-chick with the blue hair (screw the name) and I went to Valor but he went into Final instead (didn't have Final before) So I think you have to go into those forms hella times and you'l just get it out of nowhere....just like anti-form.
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    Best Place to Farm Munny Late in Game?

    So the jobs at that Tram Common board give munny......the other board (the one where you mail letters and keep the ball in the air) doesn't give me munny. At the end, it just says 'retry' and 'quit'.
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    sanctuary lyrics

    I'm listening to the 30 seconds of it but I don't see where she says "Something in JP......" It's just alot of things in Japanese. xp It would be nice to have more than 30 seconds to hear <.<
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    Read This Quick!!!

    Holy crap, it's on! Well I'm off to watch it.
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    jan 10

    After pushing back the release day for about two or three years, that would be pretty good. I wouldn't look forward to it early January, but early or mid Febuary would be great.
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    Sign for a KH2 Early Release!!!!!

    Even if they do look at it, what can they do to get an early realease? Whatever, i've got nothing better to do anyway. What better hope than false hope huh? Sora-14
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    Hottest Character in KH2

    Boy oh boy that Axel is some piece of work. I have to agree with you, Axel get my vote.
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    Nudity in KH2!?!?

    the world "nudity" and "disney" will never go together ever in the history of time. but i wouldn't mind seeing sora or riku naked...
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    what happened to fake riku

    Yeah the real riku killed him, but he could always come back.
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    my friend said she cried on some parts of KH1, did u?

    ummm...no i don't belive i did. although some parts were sad, i didn't cry