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    New Theory On BHK/Roxas(Please dont flame)

    That theory is kind of wierd. I think we all just wait until the game comes out.
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    Tron Theory

    To get to the steamboat willie world you go through a door and it has a world icon too. And 100 acre wood is a book and it also has a world icon so Tron has one even if it is inside a computer in HB.
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    ***spoilers*** New Translations For The New Scans!!!

    :eek: The unknown with the souleater!!!!!!!:eek:
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    Kh2 Worlds

    Traverse Town...i haven't seen it either in scans or pv... I would like for it to be in kh2,but i don't think it would be that important to bring it back since all the important people that lived there moved back to the new town in HB.
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    Happy Birthday COM!!

    I agree. I started playing it last week.......again...
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    Use a zero (0) card it should work since the 0 can replace all cards when it comes to opening doors unless the nunber of the card you need to open the door has a (=) next to it. :D Welcome to the forums!!!!:D
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    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    It's just the best game ever...I have always been a fan of ff games and some of the movies in the game are some of my favorite movies and just the hole idea of having them together it's AWSOME!!!!!It has a good plot and storyline and great characters... But still some of my friends don't...
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    Kh2 Manga

    I already read the first 2 books, and I think its a cool idea to the the kh2 manga.I'm ordering the 3rd book from www.tokyopop.com . I think it should be done but they have to do CoM first....
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    What part could Sephiroth play??

    I also think he doesn't have anithing to do with Hades, obviously he will play a big role in Clouds side-story.. I hope we can use Cloud to battle Sephiroth:D
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    What was sora doing

    this has already been posted before..it looks like a portal made by the heartless, like the one riku used in kh1 to warp to other places...
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    In what trailer did Vivi say: "Don't mock me" ? Cause a havent seen any trailer that shows Vivi talking...
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    Kingdom hearts???

    I know..but its strange, because it looks like Kingdom Hearts.
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    Kingdom hearts???

    I'm not sure but in this picture, theres a door, i think its Kingdom Hearts(door to the light)but Im not sure if it is kingdom hearts because i dont think they would show where they will find the door this early,not even the japanese version has come out yet....Opinions?
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    "He looks just like u"answered...i think

    I made this pictures earlier because of when the unknown says: "He looks just like u". personally i think he was talking about Sora and the BHK. tell me what you think about these pictures.....
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    Another Theory...

    good theory..it all makes sence except maybe the part about namine being Ansem's daughter... I think Namine, BHK, and kairi know each other from their childhood since kairi is from HB , BHK is from TT, and Namine is currently in CO and the 3 places may be 1 big world.
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    KH2 Covers

    I like the 1st one better but there is only one thing missing.......RIKU:(
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    In kh1 to get to see the DD video at the end of the game, you need to complete some sidequests like, looking for the 99dalmatians, complete the game with all keyholes sealed ect. I was thinking that instead of looking again for the lost dalmatians in kh2 we will be looking for stitch's cousins...
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    KH2 english trailer?

    I think they will start appearing 2 months before the kh2 release date.
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    Pixar and Disney films in KH2

    Can someone post a link to the fake kh2/incredibles pic. ??
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    Leon and Cloud

    It would be cool to play as Cloud or Leon but I dont think it's possible...:D