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    Naruto Rider....Sorry

    I am in a hurry , but could you please wtch the video , is short and idiotic , but cool this is the url:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReIwNmxq7vQ
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    2008 Movies!!!

    For these year:Terminator 4,Jurrasic Park 4 and Fantastic Four 2 If you dont believe it.., put the name of the movie in google.com
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    Has somebody seen the finals of the 3rd chunin exam
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    Windows Vista RC1!!!!

    For those who like the new microsoft operating sistem and not had it , here's a tip: "this next week between sep. 3-9 windows vista RC1 will start for public download!!!!"
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    Final Fantas vs 13 has something to do with Sora,or maybe Tetsuya is hiding the game kh3 for a year.
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    Was It Too Easy....

    Completing the 3 kh games , i hope that if they make a kh3 they put more things , hints hidden treasures , in kh 1 the treasures were a little dificult to find but in kh2 it was easy , i think this was because of disney..... please post
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    Can Somebody Send Me....

    Windows Vista Beta 2 (if you got it) i want that operating system if any of you got it could you send it to me by email my email : nayib_bluecode_boy@hotmail.com thanks
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    Who's The Hottest Girl In The Final Fantasy Games

    I pick Yuna from ffx-2,if some of you had seen a thread like this one tell me
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    Who Has Download Windows Vista Beta 2

    If you had download it tell me Actually this is the new microsoft windows operating system you can download it writing it in google "download longhorn transformation pack" This is actually for those who want to have the latest
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    Ask Something Of KH - KH2

    And get an answer , anything and sorry for asking but can somebody add to my buddy list i got 2 friends please post
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    Was It Good...

    That if you prefer Roxas as Sora's nobody (the original from kh2) or if you still want a Roxas as an another new character
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    Was It Good...

    That Roxas was Sora's nobody or another character with another story please post
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    what kind of pc or mac do you own

    I have an hp invent with media center 2005 i know this is not from kh2 forums but sorry i didnt know where to post it:thumbsup:
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    Who Believes In KH3!!!

    I believe even if Tetsuya Nomura has planed another game And I know this has nothing to do with kh2 but please post
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    Who Might Be That Armored Knight?

    But this thread is for guessing
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    Who Might Be That Armored Knight?

    Hey guys I just want to hear your opinion from that guy in kh2 secret ending and what kind of letter was that from the king and if the secret was a vision from the past or the future?.... and if any of you has seen some thread like this one just tell me ok?
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    A KH 3 Game Or A KH Movie

    Hey I was thinking if it would be better a kh movie than a kh game you know a movie with the 3 parts of kh
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    Tetsuya Nomura VS Hayao Miyasaki

    This is just for voting , no fights , before anything let me tell more about Hayao Miyasaki , he created the movie ''Spirited Away'' show in Toonami ''A Month Of Miyasaki'' oh I forgot tell me if they should unite ok.
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    A Posibly Theory For KH3

    Hey I just had thought maybe that masked man may be a Sora of the past and something else maybe he is the one that brought chaos with the keyblade while Sora brought peace , tell what you think
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    Spiderman 3 the trailer

    Hey I had just seen this site to watch the trailer of the new movie of spiderman click this link:http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/spider-man _3/ Note:You most have Quicktime 7 Please click trailers movie and look for spiderman 3 in the sony pictures list in the quicktime section