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    When makig a deck...

    I haven't really checked to see if people try to make powerful or skilled decks for this game, but if some of you do I'm happy for you! :D Here are some tips I compiled for making good decks against bosses or other people...be aware that I assume whomever is reading this knows how to play the...
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    With so many people saying the same thing, you'll have to believe 'em. It's just a level you must finish. No super-special lock!
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    Question KH2 will answer:

    I'd probably want the mystery of BHK and Axel answered. I think they'both members of the Organization and link to Sora in some way. But what could it be? That's all I really want to know. But I think everything will be explained in the end. That might be a while though...
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    A note of encouraging POSTS.

    I'm just wondering why so many people are online but not POSTING anything. Sure people can look at stuff but I think people want to "talk" to each other on a forum. I don't want to sound insensitive, but lets stop being boring and start posting! :D I have to come offline now so I'll just leave...
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    the funniest, dumbest kh video on the net

    ARGH!!! I couldn't watch it! My computers so slow it won't load!! Someone tell me what happened! :)
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    racing Riku

    Yes, such patience. But I think it took most of us (including myself) to find out how to beat him. And if anyone new to the game is reading this for tips, DON'T USE THE FLYING FOX!!!! (The big wooden tower thing.)
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    kingdomhearts is twiligth theory

    Hmmm... Well I believe Kingdom hearts itself could have been anything. Sure I think It lead to the world of Darkness but it could have just been a DOOR. And I think the light came from...well, look at Kaiser21's opinion. It's similar to mine. I just think Kingdom Hearts was a particulary...
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    What did you think?

    I have a fairly odd story to tell about my liking for the game... At first, It was actually my brother who really wanted to get it when it came out. 3 years past... When we actually got the game at Christmas 2004, my brother played for a while, then I obsessed over it for a month! He barely got...
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    I see you...

    I see someone here on this part of the forum with me doing nothing...If you're not doing anything talk to me! :D
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    A number of questions...

    I have a number of questions to ask about before I really start to get involved with this forum. I going to try and put as many as I can on this thread... 1.) Is anyone willing to make me a set when I ask later? I want to know who I should contact. 2.) Is there anyone around who roleplays...
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    at what level did you beat the game

    As is Lv 99 in COM. It took a while but I got there!
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    at what level did you beat the game

    I'm not completely sure. Haven't completed it for a while... I think I was about 63-70 in KH and about 70 in COM... Then I maxed my level on both games, and boy, it's gotten so much easier. (Many thanks to Sephiroth for his installments of 18000 exp!)
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    :D ... :confused: umm...hello everyone here, it's nice to meet all of you. As a little background information, I am rarely online so say hi if you can, please...and as for times I live in...ahem...ENGLAND... I hope I have a nice time here.