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  1. K

    Memory Skyscraper?

    Nope....But I wish they should do The World That Never Was a city where people live just like Radiant Garden, buy shops, talk to people, and some more stuff. They really should have done that for BBS. >_>
  2. K

    the one who disturbed the balance

    To me, MX MUST be joking. I mean, Vanitas is MX Apprentice. Vanitas can't obey MX.
  3. K

    My Opinion about Future Kingdom Hearts

    I know some people say KHIII hasn't been announced yet. Let me tell you my huge opinion. I don't think there might be KHIII in future. I also don't think KHIII won't be an OFFICIAL TITLE. You all saw the interview with Nomura, right? "The next game will be the next game." Saw the qoute? Did you...
  4. K

    Ven's heart

    If he lose his heart. Might be Roxas......? Hmmmmm....
  5. K

    Who will you use first/effect.

    First Aqua (To me, she's kinda hot), Second, Ven, and last Terra.
  6. K

    Favorite KH2 Keyblade

    Ultima Weapon and Fenrir. I mean, they are both so powerful!
  7. K

    Kingdom Hearts ABC Game

    I'm new to this. And I don't know if this forum already exist long time ago. This is Kingdom Hearts ABC games. I'll start with letter "A". "A" Anti-Form Now, doesn't matter who post first with "B" then "C" then "D" and so continue to "Z".