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  1. Z

    Most used move in the game?

    I probly use arcanum more often simply because it what is avalable to use when your right rext to you openent, but sonic is my fav. especially when you are surounded by heartless, it does more dammge to all of them, so i like sonic most but i use arcanum more, and my least fav. is trinity it...
  2. Z

    My Theory on 13th Order

    yeah i agree with theat theory, nice. Because it also agrrees with the theory that Ansem was king and his royal court were the 12th order, naturally sence the 13th order was Ansem's (hence the 's meaning belonging to ansem) there for he would be the learder. Nice theory worth of some rep points...
  3. Z

    Would you go to Kh2 Consumer Demo Day?

    Hey would you be willing to drive down to sacramento californa to be apart of the KH2 consumer demo day were you get to play the game about a month before it is released in the USA. For the origonal KH it came out about 25 days before it was released, now i know some of you are lucky enough to...
  4. Z

    Possable world for KH2

    Donal and Goofey are anthro's (Animals with human chacecteristics, such as hands arms legs and can walk on hind feet and talk) were lionking they wern't made to be humans or anthros.
  5. Z

    Possable world for KH2

    i would love to have a lion king world i just feel that Kh2 would have to have an origonal way to get over the communtication barrior, other then that though it would be a great world, with scar making a perfect bad guy.
  6. Z

    Symbol on magizine scan find out what it maybe!

    hehe ok i think that me and like four other people get what your trying to say, and yeah they do look alot alike, a conisedence mabey? For most games it would be. but hey were talking about Noruma here, and he gets every detail. So yeah it most likely means somthing, im scepticall though about...
  7. Z

    Possable world for KH2

    im not to sure about a lion king world. i mean i know how noruma loves lions and all but still. i mean i can't logically find away how sora could talk to everyone as they are animals, so unless forsome reason donal knows a magic spell that lets you speack animal i can't see how sora could...
  8. Z

    Possable world for KH2

    Everyone knows how Noruma is like, "There will alot of new suprises in kh2 that no one knows aobut yet" like mabey a new world, that has been kept under wraps. So i have been thinking about all of the Classic Disney movies like Bambi Cinderella and aristicats (the classic cartoon movies) and...
  9. Z

    I am so mad.

    disney isn't jealious, and even if they were i think that not advertising it woudl be stupid for them because this game is giong to make big $$ for them. so much that i am expecting them to put a new rollercoster ride in at the disney world park. But also this game had done quite a bit of...
  10. Z

    When did you first see Kh1?

    OK, now before some people get all upseat and are like "This thread is pointless! This belongs in the KH1 section! OMFG WHO CARES!?" I just thought that ithis could be somehting people could talk about because their isn't any new trailors and such, the Flamers on this Forum is amazing when it...
  11. Z

    I am so mad.

    Exactly, on the disney underground for both kh1 and CoM, they had a release date so therefore they are waiting to get one from Square, as they are the ones making the game. aslo it wondt comout until winter and technically its still summer so that would be advertsing way in advance. Im fathom...
  12. Z

    coplue things to say

    ok ok give him a break we all spell incorecctly at times. Or typoes (thats my case i type to fast and switch the letters) Yado just slow down and reread your messages that will help alot when it comes to grammer and such.
  13. Z

    sora is cheesy

    i think that he ment will he look cheesy in the willie world, i personally thing that he donal and goofey will be the only colored things there, and so everyone will act differently to him they would be like OMFG what happend to you? Kinda like if a baclk and white person was wlaking around, you...
  14. Z

    A theory

    I agree with this theory, its has no proof (thats why its a theory example: Theory of Evolution) but it is logical an makes sence. And i also belive the the org wants to study the keyblade master's heart. But they dont realize that riku is/was (whatever you feel) the true keyblade master, and...
  15. Z

    the shell of riku

    No i don't thik we will be seein him again but like you said a fight between riku and Riku replica, in the animatects program they did DD in as a video you can unlock at the end of the game for completing everything would be cool they could call it, One's Self Agenst One's Self.
  16. Z

    Sora is actually two years older!

    Ok well they can get me in trouble all they want i am done argueing with you, the people with brains know and understand what i am saying. And to prove exatly how much you lack in the departement of intellegnce: I am the one who made this thread!
  17. Z

    How much would you pay for kingdom hearts 2?

    Why doesn't your friend get a job and work for the money instead of relying on his parents? I have a ps2 an Xbox and 15 games (between the two of them) and i bought it all myself by saving up and paying for it. its not hard to do kids are just lazy and don't want to do that and then throw a fit...
  18. Z

    Sora is actually two years older!

    So your source is KH Ultimania, they have made mistakes in the past and can do it again, they simply did the 14 +1=15 so he is fifteen that is what i am talking agenst, people are simply making that mistake, Square has NOT confirmed sora's age! All im saying is that Sora has a more then a 1/2...
  19. Z

    Sora is actually two years older!

    you are not listening, no were has noruma confermed that sora is 15! (give me the link) he only said that kh2 is exactly one year after kh1 want proof? Here you go: http://www.khinsider.com/info/nomura3.shtml read it your self, if your thick head doesn't belive me. Now Com (INCLUDING THE TIME...
  20. Z

    Sora is actually two years older!

    Umm he actually said kh2 was ONE year after kh1 so you need to do you research, asshole. http://kh2.co.uk/?kh2=Information read in the story line. it says: stop flaming jackass