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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    Ok, ive finaly caught myself back up but great job with the story im glad it was written as well as it was cause otherwise catching up on all that would have been no fun :P but really, great job :D when the peeps for the tourney were introduced i really started wondering what it would be like...
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    I need to find some time to catch up on ur fanfic davy... :/ too many things to do (note to self: pg 10... lol) but are ur siggy and avy from Shadow of the Collossus (sp)?
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    hehe, thats good hmm... if i had spent my time here instead of the coh forumns id be premuim... :/ oh well, i dont spend much time here anymore, anyway :P
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    Whats the difference and how do you go about becoming said premium member?
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    Davy: U'r juzt goin tu hav tu d34l wit me spellins :P and to pose another: Where'd the sudden promotion come from?
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    still doing well, I see ^^ (p.s. I really like requim :P)
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    ill come in with partially creative and silly characters crash, if it ever comes to that, pm me 3 days before the deadline :P
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    Help/Support ► Being the Bearer of bad news

    i say let him find out for himself. Even if ur right hes still going to try. If ur wrong... =P And something that one of my friends has told me (me being a boy and her being a girl). She says that theres this boy in school that ANNOYS her little sis. ANNOYS!!! (and not in a playful way)...
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    me neither... i woulder how my creatively named charater will do.... =P
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    yup yup, and it will until he finishes typing the tourny in this fanfic. (unless he somehow plans to incorperate those characters later into the story somehow...)
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    Fanfiction ► Cirque du Mort

    whats keeping me? ~sorry for the lack of posts... i still like it tho ;) and just so u can be happy again..... BOOM! ....................____.................... .............___/........\___............. .......__/........................\__...
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    Help/Support ► ~KHI's Help & Support Thread~

    Do you realize that even though he skipped a lot of school, he put motivation in his work? A semi-(i have a bad memory at times)quote: "I'm not smarter than everyone, it's just that I stick with the problem longer". guess who that's from. Don't use other's results as excuses (if that's what you...
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    Help/Support ► How to help a friend...

    lmao Anyways, the difference being that the person in the ocean hasn't had the chance to say how he/she feels. If he/she wants to drown, then let em. If not, throw them the life float. (of coarse, people are too nice to just let he/she drown, and would intervene forcefully.) The girl has been...
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    Help/Support ► ~KHI's Help & Support Thread~

    You could always ask whoever it is that's picking you up to do so a bit later and do your homework then. And i guess you could always try to come to a compramise with your teaches about showing work. Finally, your not going to get motivated about school with your mindset. If you want...
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    Help/Support ► Gamer's Block?

    Try some new games (Guitar Hero is teh best!!), and if nothing interests you, don't worry. Losing your interest in videogames isn't a bad thing. Whenever a game comes out that looks great, get it, play it, and when you eventually lose interest to the point where you stop buying the new games...
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    Help/Support ► The Real Me...

    I want to say something: YOU WEREN'T 'PUNISHED' BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF APPRECIATION!!! (sorry for caps). You were unfortunate, and that's it. You think that you need to take in all of that emotion and keep it to yourself, when in reality you are the one that needs the help. Share your suffering...
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    Help/Support ► ~KHI's Help & Support Thread~

    (sorry about posting even though I'm not an official helper, but I feel like helping =P) I know how you feel with showing work!!! Jeez... 8+ steps my but. Why do I have to waste my time when I could do it with 5 steps less, and only have those 2 other steps to remind me where I'm at if need...
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    Help/Support ► Help me out

    Yah, striking up a conversation can be hard. P.S. don't do something that'll make you look like a creep (probably shouldn't've said that =P). Get to know them and then relate. Talk about school. Talk about common interests (which you might not have any, but you might as well hear what she...
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    Help/Support ► Need some help...

    They could just be rumors =P. Tell him that whoever the girl likes, the girls likes. Don't like it? Why don't you go do something to make a difference. (Basically, repair your friendship and tell him that the girl is fair game). Ask some other people as to what you say, 'cause if he REALLY...
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    Help/Support ► Some help would be nice..

    Ask your mom why she dissaproves and then tell her that 'I don't like it' and the '*I don't approve scowl*' aren't good enough answers. Maybe you are doing something she doesn't like (and for good reason if so...), and it's not just that she wan't control over your life because she's worried...