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    Fanfiction ► Left Behind

    Cool this is good. I know that you are currentlly making some but, MAKE MORE! Please. :D
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    What do you guys think about King Mickey Being evil?

    King Mickey is probably undercover as an org member. He's doing that spy thing maybe.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Show!

    Nice stories KH2 Reasearcher. They are funny and comical. Oh and I really like your stories too Cloud Unchained. :) So kudos to you both.
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    What do you guys think about King Mickey Being evil?

    To the "Is Mickey a bad guy question" I think that King Mickey is undercover.
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    help me someone?

    I'm new here and need someone to help me with RPG. What i'm trying to say is: what is RPG exactly? :confused:
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    New keybkades.............?

    I bet that the new keyblades are from the land of Mulan, the Underworld, Twilight Town, umm what else..., maybe Beast's Castle?
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    BHK and Sora do look alike.

    so many theories, so many arguments