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    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    So the first time I saw the ending with Yen Sid, I was somehow convinced he was implying that the other realm the ancient keyblade wielders crossed into (aka the Unchained realm) was the same realm as Quadratum. Like, the Dandelions moved to an alternate reality, changed some stuff, and it...
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Ok, forgive me here, 'cause this has probably been stated before, but I'm new to the board, so here we go: Here's what we know about losing your heart and recompletion: 1. Person loses heart to darkness. Heart becomes/is trapped in a Heartless. 2. Empty shell is left behind with no heart- a...
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    What would you do to make the serie more accessible to newcomers?

    Honestly, I'd just let them know upfront that KH2 is a great, satisfying ending, and the can either drop off there or keep going. I love the whole series and all its weirdness, but it might be a lot easier to get someone started if they have the option to play two and a half games instead of nine.