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    Why Kairi -can- have two Nobodies

    Yeah, I am, I was chattin to a lot of people and swapped around Xion and Aqua... T Hey look the same! Go away...
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    Why Kairi -can- have two Nobodies

    Xion can't be Kairi's Nobody. At all. BBS happens ten YEARS before the FIRST game. It's impossible. Not even Nomura would think to screw up the laws of the real world (physics) in the game. Unless it's magic, which I doubt. EDIT: Too much...
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    2 theories in 1 thread

    It takes skilz to dual-wield. And you would need to be able to summon and sustain two Keyblades at the same time.
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    Possibly a New Xion theory

    For any who don't realize the potential importance of Xion =ing Oni and X here's something to consider. Oni means demon (quite often used as demonic). X is merely added to a name to make it a new name (as well as having the original names letters rearranged). Hence (X)ion is an anagram of...
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    2 theories in 1 thread

    You people are ignorant. Nomura said it himself (to lazy to bring up where he said it) that since Roxas can dual wield so can Sora. Not too hard to get. Sora doesn't need to, or he hasn't considered doing it. Besides, though Roxas' style seems cooler, Sora's is far more effective. I've seen no...
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    Sunset Horizons

    I understand that this theory is extremely old (I think) But in the KHII:FM or just the KHII they mention the word 'chaser' which means someone who makes keys. What if Sunset Horizons is a place where Keyblades are made and stored, so that whenever you summon (via the keychain I'd imagine) it...
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    If you paid any attention at all, you'd know you wouldn't need one...:angry:
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    Did you notice....?

    He was reluctant to say it. Like saying thank you if you hate some one. You pause. Something like "Hey... Thanks..." He went "It's been a long time... My friend..."
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    I am so making this...