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    translate this image

    sorry for double posting, but the edit option is disabled for some reason. I meant "what", not wait... sorry guys.
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    translate this image

    It says, "Please tell me wait the man with the black coat said when he came here" mystery solved :D!
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    Kh2 character appearances

    lol, that is possibly the funniest subtle humor I've ever seen in a online forum :D ! namine= shes so pale that it looks like she's gonna faint any second. hit some sunlight. riku= his eyelashes are so long in an up close view. i was horrified when seeing him in flashbacks when he was...
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    Nightmare Before Christmas

    omg, i love this movie, as you can see from my sig :)! the reason why i played kh was primarily because NBC was in it, and the game surprisingly turned out to be good. cant wait to fighting heartless in Christmastown *drools*. khfanatic summarized it, but allow me to explain the details. okay...
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    Theories Page

    The NBC games coming out in October in the states in 2005?! OMG that is unbelievable since it came out last year in November or something in Japan! And yeah, it bombed in sales (not very popular). Anyways, that is a big problem, well I hope the delay in release doesn't happen in KH2! Since the...
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    kairi"s parents theory

    I think Ansem and Kairi's connection will become clearer in KH2. Ack, that quote that you provided definitely proves that there is/was some "special connection" between Kairi and Ansem. The point that Ansem selectively chose Kairi to get in contact with the Key Blade Wielder, is note-worthy...
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    Theories Page

    i don't know but i doubt that disney will alow the content of the game to exceed an E10 or higher rating, for its intention was to attract young game players + disney fans (KH1's storyline was kind of kiddy although I loved it!) these kind of things (ratings) are done at the last minute like in...
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    theory on kh and kh2...dream

    yeah totally agree with with silverwolf. a dream ending is too cliche, and I doubt that square-enix will allow any unoriginal idea of that sort. after all they are one of the best game makers worldwide and are known for there story line that grabs gamers into their world using 'REALITY' buy...
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    The neverending theories

    ahhh thanks dragonfly. don't worry *pat pat on the back* I agree with you on your theory on twilight. Its both light and dark right? mystical.... anyways, i thought the land/sea theory could be somewhat acceptable with the emergence of Naminé (wave). thats when I thought booyah, I see what's...
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    Jack Sparrow in KH ?

    boo! sure, ill be glad to help you. here you go... (i don't think videos have been released though, i really don't so i'll shut up.) http://www.kh2.co.uk/index.php?start_from=6&ucat=&archive=&subaction=&id=& http://www.kh2.co.uk/index.php?start_from=9&ucat=&archive=&subaction=&id=&
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    The neverending theories

    Hmmmm...... I like you theory about light, dark, whatever. Regarding the names, theres a pattern as I presume everone knows already... The characters' names align with environmental elements in Japanese. Sora- sky Riku- land Kairi- sea Namine- wave (as in sea) The boys names are related to...
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    Voice Actors Suggestions?

    did you guys see a new pic of david gallagher (voices riku)? hes turning i think 20 this year! before worrying about sora's voice, we should care about riku's even more because it seems like its gonna really change! heres a pic of him now...
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    steam boat willie

    does anyone know a good place to upload videos? because I have a 7 minute copy of the original steamboat willie! some people were saying they've never seen it. its only 32,000 KB although its resolution is like kind of ew. anyways, is it ok if I upload the video mods? (I don't want to break any...