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    New NA/EU Boss

    dual-wield + reverse grip + organization coat + hi-speed + Light(?) sounds like Roxas and Ventus mix however their heart is incomplete so they cant use keyblade...? judging from the scene how auqa summons her keyblade looks like it is a non-canon generic hidden boss
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    BBS Na/Pal version may be available on psn

    i noticed on both of the Na and Eur BBS sites there is a psn symbol however no such symbol appears on the jpn site. could this mean that Disney allows the Na/Pal version of BBS to be released on psn? just a guess
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    the changes they made since the first bbs trailer

    i think it is changed to in radiant garden when terra is about to leave... T: but, you might be the one who saves/rescue me one day V: you better believe it/ it was a natural thing to do, because we are friends T: thanks, ven thats basically it... could be a difference in translations...
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    Question about the cmmand styles

    diamond dust is from using ice magic ice blast is from eating ice cream both are ice based, but different
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    Question about the cmmand styles

    also ice blast from eating ice cream the command style change depends on which ability you start your command gauge with
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    [Definite Spoilers for Ven Story] Identity crisis going on here...

    ventus' heart is in roxas because xion is leeching off roxas she picked up some ventus essence so thats why xigbar sees xion for ven for a brief while vanitas is completly destroyed for the time being his consciousness is destroyed by aqua from outside and heart destroyed by ventus from inside...
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    vens heart

    already discussed http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/143022-prince-heart.html
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    Prince of heart?

    i was thinking the same thing... thats why im asking where does it say ven HAVE to have darkness in his heart to exsit/be complete
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    Prince of heart?

    still... if MX took the light out of ven his heart will still be incomplete and be lifeless
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    Prince of heart?

    didnt he turned lifeless because his heart was incomplete? im a bit confused... perhaps i should change the title it is getting off topic a bit...
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    Question about Nobodies Ven and Kairi.

    a nodody is when one's heart is taken by DARKNESS if someone moves their heart to another it is NOT TAKEN BY DARKNESS they just go to sleep for example princess aurora her heart is STOLEN but NOT TAKEN BY DARKNESS
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    Prince of heart?

    sorry to be picky but... i still dont see where it says ventus cant exsit without darkness inside his heart i mean that darkness is part of his heart, but it can be replaced with light in terra's case, his heart got stained by darkness, thus some of his light is being replaced by darkness
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    rage awakend is played when player takes control of lingering sentiment and fight terranort so rage awakened could very possibly be terra's theme or rather, the theme of lingering sentiment
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    Prince of heart?

    i dont quite think Sora gave Ven his darkness... given that Ven said Sora's heart was "Over flowing with light" did it say that Ven could not exsit without darknes or without a complete heart perhaps because Ven's darkness still exsits that he was able to heal his heart and let his heart...
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    So you're still sleeping…

    i think terra's side is speaking because the nobodies is the body without heart and heartless is the incarnation of a heart in darkness so ansem SOD is basically the reincarnation of MX trying to take riku's body and all, just like how MX takes terra's body and Xemnas should be the reincarnation...
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    Prince of heart?

    wow... though not intened, it answered a lot of my questions... so let me get this straight... MX found Ven MX takes away Ven's darkness and creates Vanitas Ven's heart is incomplete, cant wake up MX takes Ven to Destiny island Ven connects his heart with Sora's, complete again Ven woke up with...
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    Prince of heart?

    so MX took ventus' darkness out of his heart making ventus' heart imcomplete so Ven does not have darkness in his heart does that make him the prince of heart? given that the pincesses of heart doesn't have darkness in their hearts
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    New Stream [Terra's Story]

    using the shoot lock make u invulnerable... also he should move forward if he is gonna dodge because zack appears from behind...
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    New Stream [Terra's Story]

    that guy lost to zack so many times already... most of them are 1 hit kill
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    Bbs article

    i think this is sort of a overall summary or something like that... i see it talking about tav and how they have different styles and stories as well as commands,d-link,and shoot lock,style change,command board... it talks about controls as well, the only thing that i understand is o is...