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    Orichalcum+ / Synthesis

    So, basically I need help with the Ultima Weapon. I have like 2 Orichalcum+. I know you're supposed to use an energy crystal to decrease the number of them from 13 to 7, but I don't know how to do that. And the Serenity Crystal, I don't know where to get those either. My moogle is like level 4...
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    wuts the deal deal about zexion

    i thought we got rid of all of the organization
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    alternate ending

    Do you have to beat Sephiroth to see the secret ending on proud mode?
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    okay here then you will know what i mean

    ....was that the secret ending..?
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    Jiminy's Journal / Secret Ending / etc.

    So you know how you have to lock every keyhole on proud to get the secret ending? Is Sephiroth the 3rd keyhole in Radiant Garden? And on Standard, you know how you have to do all of Jiminy's Journal? Sometimes it says things like "....again". If it says that, does it mean you have to do it...
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    I answered my own question nevermind ^-^
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    This is kind of a dumb thread but I'm just trying to figure out all the Organization members. 1. Xemnas 2. Demyx 3. Axel 4. Larxene 5. Marluxia 6. Saix 7. Zexion 8. Vexen 9. Laxaeus 10. Roxas? Wow. That's all I know. :eek: I know I'm probably just forgetting minor ones but still. Was like...
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    its old maybe...

    They're not exactly the same as they were in final fantasy games, they're just the "KH version", if you will, of those characters. Like Tidus and Wakka and Selphie are really young, too.
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    Other Member of Organization VIII

    For people who didn't play CoM, they probably could have explained a little better in KH2 what happened to them. Cause I think they briefly mentioned it in the Secret Ansem's Reports.. but that's it.
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    HAHA This is Funny...

    I haven't seen any commercials yet! =[
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank youu =D
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but how do you find Sephiroth? I don't know where he is. I haven't picked up the game since I beat it..
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    If you have AIM I can send it to you there.
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    For those who have finished the game *Spoilers*

    I know what you mean.. on standard I beat the game at level 47.
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    Secret Ending?

    Hahaha for some reason I find it really funny that you forgot about somebody like him ^-^
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    Secret Ending?

    Alright thanks =D
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    Secret Ending?

    Yeah, I know there's already a thread on this. But it was different than what I wanted to know. So how do you get this secret ending? Do you have to get through all of Jiminy's Journal? What about the parts that Roxas would have had to do, is it possible to go back and do them? I'm confused...