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    Vivi doesn't talk, that sux!

    he does when sora re-visits the place, he says "Help help! Please help Sefier!"
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    Noruma says...

    "What about a KH sequel? KH, KH:FM, KH:CoM, KH2... Through all these years we kept working on KH so we're going to take a break for awhile and work on something else. " Well, if we waited 4years for someehting they were working on, doesnt that mean it'll take 8-10 years for another Kingdom...
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    Only works for XP and 2000....... <_<
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    Delay--- age doesnt wait

    Here's what sux, If was 12 when kh Came out, Im 15 when KH2 comes out, going on 16, when KH3 comes out, 3-4 years from now, ill almost be 20!! Do they think Im gonna wait all my life to play these games.......I luv the games its just that, they should atleast try and work a little faster, their...
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    Passion (remix?)

    so, is the version of Passion that goes " thump, thump thump, My hearts a battle ground" avaiable yet??????? if so, sum1 pleeeeeez leave a linky to where i can get it, you'd be ta bestest ever! ~KGP
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    riku's kh2 voice

    Aeris --Mandy Moore Aladdin --Scott Weinger Alice & Wendy Darling -- Kathryn Beaumont Ansem -- Billy Zane Ariel -- Jodi Benson Beast -- Bobby Benson Captain Hook --- Corey Burton Clayton -- Brian Blessed Cloud -- Steve Burton Daisy Duck ----- Tress MacNeille...
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    riku's kh2 voice

    omg, those are the same people from the last game, nuffin new, and btw, the sixth sense kid "I see dead people is sora, his name is Haley Joel Osmont, you'd be suprised who ish who, Mandy Moore (popular singer and actress) is Aerith, Christy Carlson Romano (disney channel actress) is Yuffie...
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    Dsetiny islands in first game

    I need some help, see i need the cutscene where sora wakes up from the dream and kairi goes "You lazy bum" then riku shows up and is like "Your just as lazy as he is" and she goes "So you noticed" and then they race, i also need the one where they are sitting on the tree branch, does anyone have...
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    Kairi Picture (spoiler)

    http://www.youtube.com/?v=yIczeE95UmY Thats the video ^_^
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    Help! I need cut scenes with the actual voices, mainly scene's from on the island, or at hollow bastion, cuz im working on a movie of Sora, riku and kairi, so i need them, i also want the one where riku goes "Soon kairi, soon" lol, aw riku, your sooo sexy!!! LOL, yeh but, does anyone know where...
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    The Cast of KH2

    Its odd, I have seen that cast list many times, but i havnt seen who will play Roxas, Namine, or Roxas's group in ever....
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    *Update(01/05/06)* KHII Cutscenes- Collection

    Re: KHII Cutscenes (Subs)- Deathspank's Collection Hey Deathspank, can you get me Kairi's speech subbed? That and the scene where she fights at "The world that never was"? you'd be ta best if you would!!
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    Every kh2 vid in one thread

    the end is sad, when they become roxas and namine :( I havnt played the game, but i have a suspision that THEY dont get the happy ending they deserve
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    Three Knights--spoiler Maybe

    One of them was a woman, im thinking it was Riku, kairi and sora... you can definatly tell its a woman
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    found some cutscenes *Spoliers*

    http://youtube.com/watch.php?v=YthgtvOCgZc&search=kairi ((Various scenes, Kairi meet Roxas and gang, sora meets Saix, etc)) http://youtube.com/watch.php?v=U9j93Kd6GZs&search=kh2%20cutscene%205 ((Cutscene 5, since KHinsider only has 1-4)) ((I dont that there is a cutscene 6 available yet...
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    Please Dont Spoil!!!!

    I refuse to watch the ending or look at pix, so please dont say anything about it, i just wanna know if i need to be prepared to see a "Heartbreaking" ending as everyone says? DONT SPOIL IT PLEASE!!!!!! I just wanna know if its sad....
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    Help wit the FMV screen shots

    I dont know how to freeze videos for pix, so could you guys gimme some pix of Kairi and Namien from the new FMV?
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: It's Freaking Amazing i have it, its sooo sad
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    KH2 cutscene spoilers

    I jusrt watched the FMV 13 times, its great, i am sooo anxious, and seeing this cutscene adds to my impatience, lol, good find
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    (Spoilers) Convo thing.

    Xaldin you've done it again ???: The Ruler of the XIIIth Order...is me! ???: Namine.... ???: It is futile to wait.... So does that mean its Namine?!