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    Umm...how can i install a file that is inside my memory stick(yea, the one that is like form the PSP), because i can't play flyff(the file/game inside my memory stick) without properly installing it on my computer, so yeah, how can i install it?
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    Help/Support ► Problems...i guess

    actually, i seldom talk to her normally, talking about other thing's, it's because we're not in the same class, we are mostly busy about things(homework, gawddamn homework) , but when I have free time, or when she has free time, we both go to the garden in our school and have a conversation...
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    Help/Support ► Problems...i guess

    Ok, so she told me that she isn't the kind of girl that gets mad/angry at a guy who has a crush on her, first she will see how it develops, then, when it was time for P.E.(actually their PE), she went to our room and asked if she can borrow a Racquet, so all of my friends pointed at me, of...
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    Help/Support ► Yay a new girl problem

    Talk to her normally, just make a nice long conversation, know more about her, ask what she likes, etc. if you can't talk to girls normally(especially, if you really like her), try forcing yourself(actually, that's what I do)
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    Help/Support ► Problems...i guess

    Well, she's not mad at me now, good thing, *phew* DaDarkDude, i'll try doin those things you said at monday, it's currently Friday today, and I can't talk to her. I'll be updatin on you on what happens
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    Help/Support ► everyone HATES me!!!

    6th grade, yeah, i was the most picked on, even by my best friends, but now I stood up by myself, they didn't pick on me any more, beacuse they know that i can kick their @sses, try to change your attitude a little, be a more courageous kind of person try to meet new people that would accept...
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    Help/Support ► Problems...i guess

    Thanks for those advice man, but now i got another problem about her, so her friends made a comment on me, saying that i have a big crush on her, so they keep teasing me about it, so everyday the girl i like checks my profile page everyday so she reads my new comments, once she read it, i think...
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    Help/Support ► Problems...i guess

    Ok, you remember my post about the girl i liked right? or not. but when i liked her i didnt much feel like it wasn't gonna be me and her, i always think about my first crush when i was elementary when i think about some other girl, we're both in the same school now in high school, when i...
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    Help/Support ► Another Girl Problem

    Practically, being yourself to girls is the real answer, i also have that kind of problem, i never capitalize also on girls, not that much talkative, i seldom make a girl laugh, but if you really like the girl, force yourself to say something nice to her, something like that...
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    Help/Support ► Glasses

    Wearing Glasses....Yeah, I wear glasses, and i got pretty used to it, usually...us asians, glasses have fashion statements. It's like, Glasses make you look hot in asia, just need time to get used to it.
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    Fanfiction ► 7本の黒いばら

    Ahemm, okay, as all of you know, i am not so good so good of making fanfics, ok, so i am totally B-A-D the title of this is..."SEVEN BLACK ROSES", you might heard this as a song, *ahem chicosci*, mostly, i got this story from my life and a little bit of Yama Nade:Shichi Henge, let's start...
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    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    Oh come on, i know some of you know these band, they made the songs- Guardian Angel Face Down i've been searching and i havent seen any RJA thread around they're the screamo, punk type of band, screamo's like face down and so The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus started out as a local band in Middleburg...
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    Zu Online

    Hey guys, anybody play this game? well, i just downloaded it, and i'm getting ready, cuz the maintenance is almost finished in about 10 min. i wanna know if any of the members KH play it, and if you're at a high level, can you teach me more about the game? thnx, if ya wanna download it, just...
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    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    yeah okay...thnx, i guess Sam is right in everything, thnx anyway guys.
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    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    I am going to tell her that, but in monday though....it's because right now in the philippines...it's saturday, let's hope...no boy is getting ahead of me, her number in her cellphone is only known from the girls in the class, so now, not even one boy knows her number.
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    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    I'm just about to ask her, but everywhere i ask in the school, my boy classmates interfere. even if im texting in my cellphone, she receives mantytexts from the other boys.
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    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    can somebody help me on my problem?, it's a pretty simple one. so..see, i'm friends with this girl, when class started, she was my first seatmate, when going home we're at the same route, after about 3 months, we've been close friends, she always asks me if she can walk with me home, and yes...
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    Hello to KHI!

    hey guys!, i've been checking this site years ago, and i've been a former member yes, and i made the profile, PKKZelfar, thats why when i've been away, my bro used it. now i'm using this one, my bro can use that other one, anyone miss me?