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    getting ultima

    hook bats and lance soilders can be found in the Bueaty and the Beast world, in Atalntica, have you done the "A New Day is Dawning" song yet?
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    I need help axel confused me

    errr... ddn't kairi technically become a heartlesss?
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    defeat in order of yuffie, cloud, tifa yuffies stars get annoying and to much damage to leon will make him spawn his huge sword
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    Does Ven die?

    i don't think he dies cuz in sceenshots of the game he's perfectly fine.
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    demyx sitar guitar hero controller

    put on pics when your done, sounds cool!
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    Magic Carpet Ride

    i think its effective 2 just hit everything crazily with no timing. worked for me XD
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    in the picture

    those are just 2 others from the organization to show that Roxas and Axel were members of it
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    I'm thinking of getting KH: COM

    its a really fun game but the fact that its on a gameboy can be annoying
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    How much do YOU know about KHII?

    i know a lot about that game too and luv it, but i've never palyed a final fantasy game. I luved this game since i got it when my brother came back from Hawaii. (I was in Australia) I played the games like this: KH2 KH KH CoM
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    What does a keyblade look like...

    the Kingdom Key is the keyblade's tru form, as it says in the description, and when they switch keychains in the game the keyblase will keep the form of the last keychain on it until it gets a new keychain, like in the secret movie at the end of KH2 Final Mix +, where there are lots of keyblades...
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    If a heartless contains a captive heart, how does that make it a heartless :confused:
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    Paradox Battles: Titan

    keep leveling up. that's all u need. i tried to do it at level 70. didn't go over well...
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    Signature Problems

    How do you get a signature? i've tried loading them off my desktop but they don't work.
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    I Got Final Mix+!!!!!!

    i should have got final mix when i was in Japan...
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    Minigames, Help Needed

    anyone keep got a really good route for poster duty, because i had a route where with Roxas it seemed really good, but with Sora i can only get around 40 seconds
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    Riku Replica Trouble in R/R...

    try to keep going into dark form, then if possible use dark aurs (three 9's)
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    Minigames, Help Needed

    i got glide max and just got ariel dodge, would ultima keyblade work as well as fenrir, because Septhiroth beats me... badly...
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    Minigames, Help Needed

    I'm having some trouble with getting Poster Duty in Under 30 seconds and Junk Sweep in under 6 swings. Does anybody have any goo ways to do this? Thx for any help.
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    Pictures in the white room

    i think its scibbled out to show that namine shouldn't be there and kairi should.
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    KH Clips on ipod

    Does anyone know how to get clips from kh-vids.net onto itunes? i've got a few clips but can't find a way to get them of KH-Vids. Help plz.