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    Thoughts on Re:CoM

    Ok everyone who got the game, wut are ur thoughts on the RE:CoM. I have to say the game play and the new sleights are pretty cool. I just beat Sora's story and it was pretty cool fighting Maluxia. I just started Riku's story. The voices i have to say are a bit surprising than i thought. The...
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    What became of CO during KH2?

    If im not mistaken, CO was rooms that were turned into ur memories right. I think Xemnas used this to see his pass memories of his pass life. He didn't have any memories of his pervious life right since he said he didn't remember who he was. I think was used to find the memories one has lost or...
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    You beat KH2 with just the kingdom key;no drive forms through the whole game

    I beat the game on Proud Mode. Why would I post this if I didn't do it on Proud Mode? If you couldn't beat it don't say others can't.
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    You beat KH2 with just the kingdom key;no drive forms through the whole game

    Alright i've beatent the game with nothing but the kingdom key and didn't use any summons that doesn't include the Olympus cups. I beat septhiroth on level 45 and just with the kingdom key. Didn't use any drive forms at all.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Does anyone else notice anything in the khf ending.

    Ok I look at the moive over and over to make sure i was right. When Roxas was running up the building he toss the oblivion at Riku. Riku caught the keyblade and dived straight down. When i was looking closely at Roxas he had two keyblades in hand. I'm pretty sure it was the kingdom key he was...
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    How do I get the ultimate weapon in CoM?

    I've got to level 83 and I've found all the golden doors in each world. Someone please tell me what i have to do to get the weapon.
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    What does a keyblade look like...

    Alright we've seen the keyblade change forms depending on what keychain is attached to it. Well if the keychain isn't attached to it then the keyblade just becomes a keyblade depending on the person wielding it like you said.
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    Do you think on bbs that the DS will be hard to beat?

    This is my first forum and i just had a thought. On BBS will the Dark Soldier by hard to beat as a boss?
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    have you beaten the game?

    I have to agree that on Sora's story that Marluxia /final Riku was hard and Ansem to. One thing i still can't find is the ultimate weapon in CoM. Can anyone tell me where to find it?
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    The REAL bad guys of KH2

    Org. XIII are bad no matter what b/c if we let them mess all the worlds and kept stealing hearts we end up taking a lot of hearts from innocent people.