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  1. kostas

    TWEWY Final Remix HQ renders released by Nintendo America

    Nintendo posted HQ renders of the main characters Nintendo of America - The World Ends with You is heading to Nintendo... And here are more image and logo assets from nintendo's official sites
  2. kostas

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Jared Leto (not actually) confirmed for Tron Reboot - World Speculation Thread Jared Leto is considered for a possible early stage Tron reboot...
  3. kostas

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP website updates with new screenshots, story & character summaries

    New screenshots from famitsu. 【先出し週刊ファミ通】『キングダムハーツ HD 2.8 ファイナル チャプター プロローグ』3作品の最新カットをチェック!(2016年12月15日発売号) - ファミ通.com
  4. kostas

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP website updates with new screenshots, story & character summaries

    Here are the clean screenshots from the world section of KH3D HD: kh 2.8 SIte Update 12/13/2016 - Album on Imgur Checked the english site and it is down. Incoming update there too maybe?
  5. kostas

    3 new screenshots for KH 2.5 HD REmix

    You can find them here
  6. kostas

    3 new 2.5 screenshots

    Source X
  7. kostas

    Kairi's letter and Eraqus' Keyblade

    Sorry if this has been said before but i had an idea while watching the "Blank Points" today and i thought i shared. In the KHIII trailer we can see Eraqus' keyblade at the shores of Destiny Islands. What we know is that Eraqus' keyblade now belongs to Aqua and the last time we chronologically...
  8. kostas

    HQ KH3 Render from RPGSite

    Source: RPGSITE
  9. kostas

    How will Sora lose his powers...again?

    In every game Sora loses his powers through a plot device, whether its sleeping for 1 year or entering the realm of Sleep to become a master with none of his previous powers. What do you think will happen in KH3?
  10. kostas

    KH3 Sora's age

    In the KH3 trailer Sora sure looks older. What do you think his age will be? I think he looks around 17-18 in the trailer. KH2 KH3 Trailer
  11. kostas

    Kairi's awakening

    I had an idea and i wanted to share. In DDD in the end we see Kairi is about to be trained to wield a keyblade. In KH1 we start with Sora's awakening. In KH2 with Roxas'. What if in KH3 we start with Kairi's?
  12. kostas

    Party members switching in battle

    Hey guys. For KH3 i would like if there was a rotation system and you can switch party members and fight as each one. For example not only fight as Sora but with one button we can switch and battle as donald or goofy while the other 2 battle as normal behind you. Kinda like how you switch and...
  13. kostas

    The posters of Twilight Town in the KH3 Trailer

    These are all the posters i could spot in the KH3 trailer. They could be completely random but i just thought to share, someone may figure something. This is the best quality screenshots i could take I can spot a STRUGGLE poster in there and a clock tower orange poster, and another poster that...
  14. kostas

    KHIII Release Date: Coming Soon?

    I found this on the SE site. I guess thats an update from the "Now in Development" status of the trailer?
  15. kostas

    χ pronounced as key doesnt make sense

    χ is a greek letter and the way they say it is wrong. Its phonetic is not like how you say "key" or "chi". The actual phonetic is like how you pronounce the "h" in the word "hunter". Hope i explained well
  16. kostas

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Site Updated With 358/2 Days!

    Are any of these screenshots new? I think we have already seen them
  17. kostas

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    This week's famitsu to feature "The world ends with you" Here is an image from next week's issue. TŠ§ƒtƒ@ƒ~’Ê
  18. kostas

    Does "2.5" make sense for the HD Port that includes KH2 and BBS?

    i think it makes more sense if we think of it as an amount of work or as steps. KH, KH COM & Days were the 1,5 of the whole kingdom hearts. If you add the other titles it will make it to 2,5 and that will lead to KH3 (the 1.5 and 2.5 feel like the steps to finally reach 3 (KH3) But if you ask...
  19. kostas

    Kingdom Hearts 3 release plan

    So, what i believe is that we will get Kingdom Hearts 3 after FF Versus XIII is out. The question is when Versus will be out. On that i believe it will come immediately after Lightning Returns FFXIII since the focus of the XIII trilogy will be over it will be time for Versus to take the...
  20. kostas

    RECODED SITE UPDATED + new tweets explaining gameplay +ne message from the kingdom (still updating)

    UPDATED WITH NEW VIDEOS HERE KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded | SQUARE ENIX here is the translation of the tweet 'Gameplay' section on the official Re:Coded site has been updated! The are two videos: one on the new levelling system, 'status matrix,'and one on 'floor trial,' which makes the play arena...