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  1. khphantom97

    Mickey's Letter and Yen Sid

    In at the end of Re:coded, Mickey writes his letter to Sora about the hurt and yada yada. BUT then the first secret ending of the game (or the only secret ending, depending on if you are playing coded on DS or PS3) shows Yen Sid telling Mickey to summon Sora (and Riku too) for the Mark of...
  2. khphantom97

    CoM or ReCoM for new players? (Does ReCoM ruin aspects of KH2)

    Hey, everybody! So, funny story, I haven't posted in this forum in like 4 years but I have been brought out of retirement because I have a question and there seems to be no opinions on the matter anywhere on the Internet (shocking). I haven't been playing video games much in the past few years...
  3. khphantom97

    The X's in organization

    Wait, I haven't heard anything about this mark of heresy. Could someone explain this to me? News on 3D's plot details is trickeling in a lot slower than I expected.
  4. khphantom97

    Sora's clothes in future titles

    Personally, as long as he isn't wearing his KH1 outfit, IDGAF.
  5. khphantom97


    I wouldn't mind seeing this. I think Kairi has kind of been snubbed over the past couple years. I have a bad feeling that you will in the next game, assuming its not KH3.
  6. khphantom97

    AU & NZ KH3D Release Date!

    I think this would be the first time that anyone besides Japan got a KH game before us, regardles of it being only a few days.
  7. khphantom97

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Announcement of an HD Collection? When? I was just wondering that if an HD collection is in the works, when do you think it'll be announced. I'm wondering because I want to do a complete playthrough of the entire series before KH3 comes out. It'll take me a few years probably, as I don't play...
  8. khphantom97

    So is it Donald & Goofy's turn next?

    It's not necesarily them having keyblades, though that would be weird. The thing that bothers me is that wasn't Sora (or technically Riku) supposed to be THE keyblade wielder? It just that that retcon bothers me, seeing as there have supposedly been thousands of keyblade wielders, and not just...
  9. khphantom97


    Wait, so, they have hearts? Ok, but I have just one question. Does that mean that every nobody has a heart? Or was it just some experiments done on the Organization? On a side note, I can just see the Org just facing Sora going, "We had hearts all along! Trolololololololol!"
  10. khphantom97

    KH3D Opening

    Well, it is her song, even though it is instrumental.
  11. khphantom97

    KH3D Premiere Event: Photos and Videos from the Event!

    Is anyone else hoping a different trailer is released before launch? Even when an HQ version is released, this trailer made me feel...empty. Unsatisfied, if you will.
  12. khphantom97

    Kingdom Hearts Sucks (But It Doesn't Have To) - IGN Article

    Kingdom Hearts Sucks (But it Doesn't Have To) - Nintendo 3DS Feature at IGN The guy basically talks about what holds KH back from greatness, and what they need to do over at SE. What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? On what?
  13. khphantom97

    Possible NA Release Date for KH3D?

    If people could wait nine months between BbS releases in JP and NA, they can wait three to four months for 3D.
  14. khphantom97

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: So, About Jesse Corti and Vincent Corazza... I think they already announced that it is officially coming to the States and beyond. For a release date, if SE is smart, sometime in June or July. But, seeing as they are douches, probably later than that.
  15. khphantom97


    Not sure if there is already thread about this, so, I may as well make one. 2012 is not looking nearly as good as 2011 was looking back last Christmas. Still, there are some noteworthy games coming out. What are you most excited for 2012? I'm really excited for BioShock: Infinite.
  16. khphantom97

    KH3 Rant (YouTube Vid)

    I'm not really sure if it's relevant, but...its pretty funny... Xo2qcc_C5Ek
  17. khphantom97

    Nomura interview!

    I love how, for Sora and Riku, the MoM exam is this long, winding event that you have to go to all these worlds to pass, yet, for Terra and Aqua...they fought balls of light?
  18. khphantom97

    Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion in DDD!

    HB/RG will probably be a flashback of Xehanort and the gang, and be cutscene only.
  19. khphantom97

    What would you like to see in a KH1 HD remaster?

    Fish-faces are used in voiced cutscenes. Quite extensively in KH1, particularly Disney worlds. Though, some non-voiced scenes had detailed faces in the games.
  20. khphantom97

    What would you like to see in a KH1 HD remaster?

    It seems there are many possible routes: If they even decide to make an HD remake, the least we would get would be just plain old KH1 and KH2 in HD. Thats it. The most they would add, under plausible circumstances, would be KHFM, Re:com, KH2FM, and BbSFM. This is the one I really want. Now, in...