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  1. TrueRoxas527

    The Book of Prophecies Contains More Than We Thought

    To the last point about Axel not saving Aqua -- it's important to remember that Nobodies use darkness to travel, but they don't travel through the Realm of Darkness, rather they use darkness to travel through the Realm Between. As Mickey says in 0.2: it's really difficult to find a passage...
  2. TrueRoxas527

    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    Okay, that pretty much answers my question. I just didn't understand the one plot point, I didn't know Master Eraqus allowed Aqua to wield his Keyblade, in turn, choosing her as his successor. But, now I do. You guys can keep arguing back in forth, but, in tru honesty, I have to say I'm going to...
  3. TrueRoxas527

    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    When Xigbar was saying, "He used to give me that same exact look!" to Sora in RG, he originally was referring to Roxas. He could stil be, but based on his past, Xigbar could have actually been meaning Ven. And I guess no one bothered to answer my question, so I'll ask it again, Why does Aqua...
  4. TrueRoxas527

    Birth By Sleep Sequel...?

    If a BBS sequel were to come out it would also explain in specific detail where King Mickey went before he dove into the realm of darkness and after he left to save the worlds (in KH1). Thing is, how long was Micke in the Realm of Dakness before Riku got there? Did Mickey get there recently? Or...
  5. TrueRoxas527

    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    Quick question. Why does Aqua wield Master Eraqus' Keyblade when he apparently sent his heart into Terra's? So confusing...
  6. TrueRoxas527

    BbS Ultimania "Plot Mysteries" Nomura interview

    Hm. An interesting interview, I still couldn't catch why Vanitas looks like Sora, Is it because Ven had a part of Sora within him before Vanitas was created? Thus portraying Sora's face from the future? I just don't understand why he looks like Sora from the future. I mean what would happen if...
  7. TrueRoxas527

    358/2 days, saddest KH?

    It is very sad, there's multiple scenes of crying, all of which are Roxas... what a baby. yeah, and there are many parts that are dramatic. Roxas feels left out, no friends? he asks himself on Day 352, Xion dies, he leaves Axel, he gets pwned by Riku and didn't get a chance to eat his sea-salt...
  8. TrueRoxas527

    spoiler?....xigbar seeing ven

    She reflects the one that the viewer has the most memories of or reminds them of... or whatever. Saix never saw much in her since the beginning and as a result saw her as nothing more than a puppet. Xemnas saw her a Ven sometimes.....................
  9. TrueRoxas527

    in nintendo power

    Really? There's a thread just for voting? Something we could do on the front page.... but oh well. Yeah, I voted for Days for everything. Help give them more reasons to make more KH Games and possible FMs of existing new Games (Days, BBS, Coded) for PS2, or even PS3, i can probably get one.
  10. TrueRoxas527

    Best 358/2 Days boss fight

    I liked Infernal Engine just because I thought it was kinda creative and humourous as a boss. I didn't think Nomura would make something like that, but he did. The Riku fight, way too easy. I play most of the game with the Extreme Ring on now, just so I get more EXP, I never get hit anyway, and...
  11. TrueRoxas527


    since I knew sort of what was coming I tried stocking my deck with the prefect cards and well,... I still fought her 12 times...
  12. TrueRoxas527


    re: CoM is definitely the way to go. It contains more scenes, a lot more cutscenes, and more voices, more fights more options more cards more abilities and more difficultness.
  13. TrueRoxas527

    I do not have a ds

    If you are buying a DS just to play this game, don't bother, it isn't worth it that much. The Organization members are actually all very weak and don't have nearly as many special moves as I would have hoped like in KH2 or ReCoM
  14. TrueRoxas527

    What would have happened if Roxas had never fought Riku?

    Okay, if Roxas didn't fight Riku, he would have idiotically killed himself wanting to take on Xigbar or Xaldin. Xigbar with two lightning-fast guns and Xaldin with 6 Sharp pointy objects or killed everyone making Kingdom hearts explode. And, just for thos who don't understand. Naminé was the...
  15. TrueRoxas527


    There are many shadow glob missions. Maybe I could help out? I know you got to have lots of mobility abilities attached and plenty of Thundagas and Firagas, very quick and useful.
  16. TrueRoxas527


    YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I FINALLY GOT THE LAST CHALLENGE SIGIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can say I never gave up. I also finished synthesizing my last item, which happened to be Extreme Ring, that's actually really useful...
  17. TrueRoxas527

    Chamber of Awakening

    He apparently "found" the IKK, which is something I don't undersand. How can you find a Keyblade? Isn't it stressed enough that the Keyblade chooses its master? How could King Mickey, one who already wields a perfectly qualified Keyblade, "find" another one? However, he did say he was looking...
  18. TrueRoxas527

    Rememberance Thread

    It was good but I was REALLY disappointed when i saw the first few non-awesome scenes and the animation was all rigid and stuff. I absolutely HATE Demyx's and Vexen's rigid characters in the game. Look at Vexen's face when he's talking to you at the beginning, he literally looks like he's about...
  19. TrueRoxas527

    100% completion

    ^You're lucky I'm too lazy to de-rep you. I only have on Sigil left on Standard I haven't done much with my Proud file yet, I still want to complete the entire thing on Standard then do it all again on Proud. I am at level 90 so far, it takes FOREVER to level up, i just re-do the last battle...
  20. TrueRoxas527

    The Forgotten Scene?

    I just want to know if they still do that in Days or if they decided to have Xion fade away instead and have Roxas cry. In this case, the scene could have been removed and we're supposed to act like it never happened.... but I don't know....